Don’t worry .. You failed because You need to be a healer!

I asked my mom to hold Baba in her hand.Hehe, she fully accompanies me in my Sai photography sessions😄

Om Sairam friends ❤️

I have been trying to practice endotracheal intubation in children but I am not getting it right ,also I feel lagging behind other JRs.😅

I was thinking about my life ..and there is no wonder ..I never got something in the first try ..first chance.But, now living in bliss of Saibaba ..I don’t judge myself as much as I did in past.I don’t feel frustrated as much as I felt someday.😄

I asked “Baba is this a rule that I get success after a while of efforts.. is there some kind of luck or some factor that determines this?” 🤔

Earlier I used to think maybe those who get it the first time are alot more lucky than me.But today after a lot of years of thinking like this , finally Sai answered me..

“You need to feel the failures before getting it right ..finally.”

“Ohh .. and why is that necessary for me baba? Everyone else is getting better and I am just starting..isn’t it something about luck”

“Yes, it’s about the destiny ..not about luck..”

“Destiny ??”

“Yes , not everyone will be a good guide for others ..a healer ..YOU HAVE TO FEEL ENOUGH FAILURES ..TO BECOME A HEALER ..A HELPER TO THOSE WHO WILL FACE THIS SITUATION IN FUTURE.”

I was wonderstruck at his words.My mind recalled his voice ..whenever I failed at something ..a voice inside told me..

“Now , you can perfectly tell your own story to someone ..who will come looking for your advice.Because you are born for this…helping others who have lost their trust in themselves.”

Though I was good at studies in my school ..but I think Baba planned my journey to become someone who knows pain and failures much earlier.

At every stage of my life , I have learnt how it feels to be in place of someone … hurt by breakup ..hurt in true love ..hurt by rejection .. hurt by sexual abuse ..hurt by insults ..hurt by failures .. hurt by being thought of as a “slow learner” .. hurt by being called as “someone lacking common sense” .. hurt by “loneliness” … hurt by being cheated …hurt by cheating..hurt by so many things.

I failed at love the first time ..I failed in getting into MBBS the first time .. I failed in getting into post graduation the first time .. I learnt so much through these failures.

All these things made me more compassionate and understanding ..I know how it feels .So, I would never judge people who go through the same. I will truly be there for them ..if they ever need me.

I will help them even if they don’t ask for it.I have gained a vision “to put myself genuinely in their place”.

Yah, there are theories and concepts to become a healer ..there is reiki and pranic healing ..there are thousand kind of practices ..but first of all you need to know PAIN before you can become a healer.


I don’t think there is a single person who did not feel pain ever .. but what that pain made you ..determines alot in your journey to become a healer. You may fail in this too …but your destiny will bring you back to what you are supposed to be .

Saibaba can never let you go astray . He will make you ..what you are destined to be according to him.Baba has always shown me among his healers my visions.I don’t know if I am capable of being one .But , it feels good, I am among those who see good and build good.Though I am a miserable being but his strength makes me think beyond my weaknesses.

I get too involved in “me and mine” but he just pulls me back and let me see the “purpose of my life” . I will tell you the day I will do my first successful intubation.Till then Sai will teach me through failures.😊


You got a chance understand other’s pain .Isn’t that beautiful..❤️

You might be knowing Thomas edison’s quote : “I DID NOT FAIL.I JUST FOUND 10,000 WAYS THAT WONT WORK.”

If I pay attention .. to the ways that I use my knowledge/experiences to help someone ..I mostly tell them ..”What not to do ..or what to avoid..” because I know THAT IS NOT THE WAY.And how do I know that ..because I myself had tried and failed that way.Isn’t it worth it ..if this experience of mine brought someone much closer to “The right way” .

I pray for you all to move through the pain and failures and become a diamond ..which shines for humanity.

May Sai makes us that worthy.. through this pain.

Don’t forget to smile at your failures too.😊

Om Sairam 😇


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