Meditation is a necessity but what is meditation!

Trancedental Meditation

Meditation is a necessity

We never try to tame our mind ..we always try to control it.
And meditation lets you the power to tame it..train it.
I am not giving a lecture here or copied paragraphs on meditation.
As I know you must have already gone through some information.
But I am just letting you know my own experiences with it.

The form and definition of meditation that suits different people is different.
Some say focussing on divine is meditation.
Some say living in now is meditation.
Some say to become love is meditation.
Some say to breathe properly is meditation.

My way of meditation and evolution:

I was interested in meditation from childhood to increase my mind powers ..I read and felt I can study better with it.
It was a part of our prayer time in school.
We used to sit at a place trying to do meditation but all I got was focussing on the noises of my friends whispering.😂
When we went to one of the Asia’s largest library Bhadariya (for a school tour) mahatma there told us the right way to meditate is to close your eyes and look inside.. focus on the area between your eyebrows..I tried it but it pained my eye muscles so I left it.😅
Then my brother gave me a superb book Raj Bapna’s mind techniques ..there he wrote
 “you can sharpen your mind by focussing on a point in front of your eyes at some distance” ..
and in that book,there was a complicated pattern printed in black ink while this pattern had a white point as its centre..I used this as a meditation technique till PMT.
Then Sai came and I got his poster ..and unintentionally I found myself staring at him continuously without blinking my eyes.
It gave me relief.
After sometime, I got into looking continuosuly at a still flame in a dark room (no fan either as it disturbs the flame).This was different felt different.
And my another meditation was to read anything related to Baba completely immersed in him.
After all these kinds of meditations I felt a need to meditate again the way I tried in the school ..this time instead of letting my mind drown in the thoughts ..I would chant a few words again and again.
So, I started sitting at a place in Padmasan(Lotus position) and chanted Om Sairam ..Om sairam ..Om sairam.
Initially it was so hard as my legs went numb and mind wandered everywhere it wanted to.
I felt so disturbed by the noises around me as well as the flooding thoughts inside I used earphones and Baba’s songs for cutting out the noises..and thoughts.
Then ..Sai called me into dancing too ..I would imagine kanha dancing next to me .It is a kind of meditation too.
As Sai always said ..there should be a balance of physical and inner activity in our daily life.
Some days after meditation ..I would feel intoxicated and will keep laughing.
But somedays it would feel like nothing happened.
Some days I would feel relief chanting in my mind ..but some other days mind won’t stay silent until I chant out loud.
Two months passed and Sai got me into Reiki it was a different kind of meditation.
Now I was connected to divine while lying on the bed too.
But Saibaba again gave me a sign through someone that “Meditation is food and Reiki is a need both to keep you healthy..You may skip reiki sometimes but don’t skip meditation.”
So,my traditional form of meditation continued.
I felt so much love for everyone after meditation.
I would forgive people so easily as it felt like they are fighting themselves so much ..they rarely need hate from me ..what they needed was love.
Every quote about love sounded familiar after this.
I continued …and the noises from outside now were cut off without earphones..and the stream of thoughts got the rain was my fear of falling ill in cold..or by mosquito bites.
I couldn’t believe how I became ..I would sit at a place and nothing would bother me ..the darkness or sharp sunlight piercing my face ..the mosquito bites ..or the ant bites ..the rain or the cold wind.
Yes in between these days were some days when I will be sensitive to every stimuli ..but still Sai made me sit.
Now ..meditation happened the moment I was in silence ..the moment I looked at Sai ..or just remembered him..the moment I sat in meditative pose.
My body felt like swaying in some stream of energy flowing from my head to the ground.
I started seeing ..not just Saibaba ..but all the gurus ..even those whom I haven’t ever felt connected to…now felt like my own.
Somedays there will be lord Shiva dancing …somedays he would show the rain I am sitting in coming out of his hairs.
Somedays there will come Lord Buddha showing me a “mudra” (hand posture) to try.
Some days “Saraswati Maa” or Durga maa.
Some days it would be Mother Mary.
And so so many faces ..brilliant or faded but so many different faces that I never have seen or known..appeared in my visions.
Some days something that’s gonna happen the same day will be forecasted in the meditation..
Some days my answers will be delivered in meditation.
All this felt amazing.
There is a difference when you imagine and when you just see things that come inside your closed eyes without you imagining..these are termed as Visions..just like a short dream in awake state.
And the latter feels like some power is really there who cares about you so much ..wants to talk to you eagerly.
Soon I realised Baba Sai made it easy to meditate for me ..otherwise without a guru its so hard to stabilise our wandering mind.
I felt divine visions increase one’s ego as now one feels one is “different” than others.
But knowing this will make a difference..
When you see your ego whispering to just put it into baba’s feet and he will bring this to your mind that..
Everyone is his creation so ..either no one is special or all are special.”
I still meditate ..but not daily..and rarely it feels so intense like before but its ok Sai makes me continue.I use a combination of meditation and Reiki.
On the days when I can’t sit at a place..Baba makes me chant his name throughout the day.
Chanting is a kind of meditation too for the people on the go.

Choose meditation:

If you really want to explore the other dimension of life ..meditate.
If you are tired of your emotions ..meditate.
If you want to focus your mind on something like studies..meditate.
If you are always confused what to do what not to do..meditate.
If you can’t sleep or show any signs of stress or feeling low..meditate.
If you want to get closer to your guru or God ..meditate.
You will be surprised at what you were missing so long ..sit at a place and not just for one day..but for everyday till you feel like you got what you couldn’t from any other thing.
The seconds of that feeling equals years spent in love and happiness.
You can focus just on breathing if you are not spiritual.
There is no need to be spiritual to relax and increase your mind power.
You can chant your fav. God’s name or mantra if you like.
But choose one to relax your mind it will bring you to state of calmness in long term.
It really works miracles.
There is a necessity for physical activities like exercise and yoga but without calming your mind they won’t be as effective as they can be.
Some call meditation an act of living in “NOW” ..but honestly I couldn’t do it ..I really don’t realise the meaning of living in now.
Because I think alot about past and there are a few moments when I live in now ..but it doesn’t always calm me…like watching a movie 😅.
So..the traditional way seemed best for me.

If you are starting.. remember:

●It takes a lot of time to calm the mind but the contribution of a few minutes everyday will count.
●Don’t focus on “don’t think” instead let your mind be focussed on your breath or a chant.It will wander again and again but the moment you realise bring back your attention towards breath or chant.
●Don’t put up a fantasy of feeling good everytime you meditate..let it be it stress you are feeling or nothing ..but sit.
●You may or may not see some visions.
Remember you are doing it for your peace and you can’t let your peace lie on such expectations.
As these visions are a trap too if you get addicted to them.
●Brahm muhurt (early morning) is considered the most beneficial time for meditation.
But in my case it is too hard to wake up so early ..maybe I will someday again.
Don’t worry if you can’t ..meditate as and when you feel like.
If you are interested ..then go for it …there will be one form that will enchant you.
If you already are into it ..let me know your experiences here.
And if you are new experiment and find out.😍
Here is an Om Chant for background music..if it helps.
Stay in the divine feet forever.
Om Sairam😊

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