Life with Shirdi Saibaba

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SAI is guiding you to a new life , just move on!

Ya Sai friends , I pray for your well being . I have been feeling like a new version of me lately . I am dealing with memories of past conditioning and experiences over the years ..and trying to decode them . I can just try happens with his grace.😇 Self love leads you…

SELF LOVE with Baba Sai

Hey friends , I pray for your well being and growth. Talking about growth , change is not cherries and cakes. Well , I have been going through a change and finally I got the closure. The past conditioning Though , I felt bad while cutting off from people but sometimes I did it for…

Cast a spell “Riddikulus !”

Dear friends , I am asking Sai Baba to send you all the good vibes and bliss 😊. Have you heard this word , well let me tell you in what context I mentioned this here. I might have told you someday in some post that I was a harry potter fan and as I…



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