Aura cleansing techniques

Whenever I told my mom .. I am feeling weak or sick without any apparent reason ..she would come with a glass of water and would rotate it around my head and go away ..staying silent during the process.

I never questioned her what it was as being a believer I knew sometimes negative energy around us traps us and we feel low or depressed or have some vague physical symptoms.
What she did was later understood by me when I got into REIKI and came across a video about “aura” and cleansing practices.
Aura is some kind of ball of energy wrapping us’s part of our spirit.And it extends beyond our physical and visible body.
Yes, you got it right ..the golden or silver halo (like the sun) you see behind an evolved soul like God or guru in the pictures aura.
Aura can’t be seen by everyone but  we can see it ..if we practice.
In nutshell ,you can say that aura is your energy.
Whenever there is some negativity around us is affected.
And in this Corona time, I was relieved to stumble on this video.
If you believe in this stuff you can try these things to keep your aura protected..
1.Salt water.
Salt and turmeric are considered anti-negativity.
They are used to trap negativity within them.
You can put a pinch of salt in your bath water daily..or you can use salt water just like my mom and revolve it around the person to cleanse his/her aura.
Make sure to throw the water in a safe place like sink where no one else can be affected.
Don’t touch that water after revolving as now it traps the negativity ..just throw it immediately.
2.You can keep a glass of water with a pinch of turmeric at the entry to your home.It will catch all the negativity that might enter in your home with some being ..people or animals.
Change the water daily or in alternate days.
Throw the used water in the sink away from all.
3.You can clean someone else’s aura by cupping and combing  as shown in the video above.
4.You can cleanse your home by playing some sacred hymns or music.
Or smudging or lighting joysticks and taking them around the house or lighting earthern lamps.
Plants are natural aura cleansers for yourself and your home too.
My experience
I was suffering from sore throat from a month and Corona was all around..I took medicines and vitamin C..I avoided cold water but couldn’t be relieved off it ..not with reiki too, when  I found this video I started it ..amazingly I got relieved from sore throat and my overall mood improved.
Before that.. I felt tensed because of surrounding negativity.
If you have a strong aura may rarely feel such weakness or heaviness.
But if you have not so strong aura or “a negativity absorbing” kind of aura like me may find yourself affected too much when around people who indulge in negative talks (what we call as “an evil eye” buri nazar) or people affected by some disease..or in such tensed situations like corona pandemic.
You can try and see.
It takes just a few minutes.
I was confused if I should continue this or not after my throat became ok ..Baba Sai indicated
” I should” through my husband.
I wrote about it in my post👉 Insight
Continue using scientific approach with it ..sanitizing.
It’s to compliment science not to take its place.
And I am writing this for you to help yourself..if you are like empath.
I will write about “who is an empath” in the next page.😊
I believe we should amalgam the science and spirituality together in our life.
Take care,
Stay safe
Om Sairam😇

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