All about Sai Reiki

Hey friends,I wanted to tell somethings about those who are interested to know.


Reiki is a japanese word meaning “God’s energy”.
This energy is within each of being.
And around us too..but because of our stressful lifestyle Reiki is reduced within us..and also we don’t get good sleep ..good diet and meditation it diminishes further.
You can understand it fully in this video series here .
There are many layers in our spiritual body.
Physical body is which we see ..but spiritual body is larger and different from this and can’t be seen.(with normal eyes)
And Reiki or any kind of meditative practices clears out negativity from these layers initially then it moves to physical layer.
So..yes it can change your destiny as destiny is based on previous karma which are stored in mental layer of the spiritual body.
I am not going too deep in details here.

How I initiated into REIKI

So to start in Reiki.
If you are someone who can’t get to some good Reiki teacher then you can attune yourself to Reiki by practicing it daily.But it needs patience.
I started meditation when I got interest in Reiki.
And one day in meditation.. Saibaba came and I felt like he is asking me to lie down on the bed.
I lied down and my body felt light and I felt some changes that I can’t explain exactly.
It took 10 or 15 minutes and when it was over he said “Get up  .its done.”
I asked him ..”Baba ye to batao kya tha?”
(Atleast do tell me ..what was that?)
And he left me with the word “Shaktipaat”
I was confused as I did not know the meaning of this word but it felt like I have heard it somewhere.
And when I opened the Sai Satcharita book to read my daily chapter ..
I was surprised to read the same word in the end of that chapter where Baba gave indirectly the “Shaktipaat” to Mrs khaparde and asked her to chant Rajaram.
You can read this chapter 27.. here.
I googled it and found that a guru gives a part of his energy to a disciple called a shaktipaat.
As I always felt too weak was necessary to get me into REIKI.
This is called “Attunement”.
It takes you to a level from where Reiki can be started by you.Like an upgrade of you.

Why I chose Reiki?

I felt drawn towards REIKI after reading about it first time in the book Saibaba is still alive by Jaya wahi di .
I wanted to be a healer.
But after I got into it became a blessing for me.
I started it to heal the world but it made me heal myself so strongly that I can tell you so many major changes that took place within me.

Changes brought by Reiki(and meditation)

The changes I saw in me after Reiki and meditation are:
●I am much more calm than before ..calm in a sense I can observe a situation without reacting instantly in anger.
If initially I was angry 6 times a day its just 2 times.(Its just been 1 year of Reiki)
●I was able to focus on my studies better than before.I swear it helped me alot.I couldn’t have cleared my exam without Sai Reiki.
●I can see beyond a situation..means if someone shouts at me ..I will feel bad for a few seconds ..(as compared to two or three days before reiki)
And then I will ask myself what message it carries.
Its like I can easily question my own ego anger disappointments as well as I can see that people are angry at me need to worry but there has to be a message behind this.
And Sai clears the message so ..I discard the emotion attached to that message ..and take just the message if it applies on me.
●I judge people and myself much less than before.
I feel jealous much lesser.
I feel sad much lesser.
●About physical body ..I suffered from backache but it is quite diminished after Reiki.
●I can say things quite confidently ..without fearing anyone.
●I am no more a people pleaser.
I don’t agree with everyone anymore if I don’t think its right.
●I know why they do ..what they do I don’t feel sad with anyone’s decision be it a decision of shouting at me ..or criticising me.
●I connect to Sai much more and stronger than before.Whenever I am in a dilemma I need to relax a second ..take a deep breath and I hear Sai telling me things in my mind.
I heard this voice earlier too .. but now its getting clearer and clearer.Mostly I can differentiate now that .. this is Sai’s voice and that one is my ego or fear or anything else.
●My anxiety attacks are much lesser in frequency and intensity..almost nil if I do reiki consistently.
●I feel connected with each life on this Earth they all are here for me teach me something ..even a fly or an insect comes with a sai message.
●My different fears have disappeared.Some are still there but manageable.
●I feel compassion for everyone.
And so much more ALIVE.

Experiences of other people

My mom and dad have benefitted alot.
My few friends who are consistently using Reiki have told me how surprisingly their pain is diminished after each Reiki session ..and how a friend has grown so positive with REIKI.
Some see Sai in their visions during Reiki like he is smiling at them and healing them.. standing nearby them.
Some see their favourite God.
Baba sends me messages if someone needs Reiki in my dreams or visions in my meditation.
Its like Baba keeps me into it consistently.
You can control your mind easily with Reiki…you can apply Baba’s teachings easily with Reiki.
That’s all for this page.
We will discuss more in next pages I will post.🙂
You can contact me here.. if you want to know more.
It doesn’t cost anything.
You can visit my posts if interested.
Stay in his light and love always.
Om Sairam😊

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