Sai is hungry for your love!

Hey sai friends , I will share a beautiful expereince from my sweetheart Sai reiki friend Mamta di .. she has shared to me many times how baba Sai talks to her still I feel elated seeing her connectedness to baba Sai . Wish I can be devoted and fearless like her.

“Om Sai Ram 🙏 in each phase of my life Baba has stood by me. I can never thank him enough for his mercies and miracles which he does in my life.
When my son finished his studies & settled in his work, we started looking for a match for getting him married. I used to tell Baba, bless him with a good life partner.

I have mentioned earlier also that I have Baba’s big picture in my house in which I have witnessed many times that Baba’s eye balls move.

It is my daily ritual to go to say good night to Baba and talk to him and then sleep. The day I forget he some how or other wakes me up. I have to get up for any reason go out of the room. He makes me come out , cross the picture and reminds me that I haven’t said bye to him. He makes me do it every time i forget with out fail. That is our loving Baba he too waits for his Bhakts.

One day I was watching TV and slept off, with out saying good night to Baba. At 2.00 am I heard some noise from my daughter’s room, and I woke up. I was going to their room and I had to cross Baba’s pic, I just walked to their room without realising that Baba’s picture is there. All of sudden I started getting the fragrance of incense sticks. He reminds you😃” you can’t go away like that”😀I stopped and looked behind at the picture and said, I am coming Baba wait 😀 and wondered from where such strong fragrance of incense sticks came, as the pooja room was downstairs and renovation was going on in the house so my altar was just that picture, where I was not lighting any incense sticks.

Immediately it struck that I have forgotten to say good night to Baba and this is how he is reminding me, I had goose bumps and tears both. I said sorry Baba I slept off today. His eye balls were again moving and I was engrossed in them Baba was present in my house 🙏❤️🙌 he told me in 16 days time my son will get a match, tears were flowing from my eyes I called my daughter, showed her Baba’s moving eyes and told her see what Baba is saying, then I could not hold myself I woke up my husband and told him see what Baba is saying that in 16 days we will find a match for our son. He was in deep sleep so he said ok ok and slept off 😀This happened on 1st of July.

What happened after this is that we had exchanged the profile of my son with a nice girl. We were arranging to meet them but it was getting delayed as they were busy.

On 17th of July, we got a call from our common friend who was the mediator that they want to meet us and are inviting us to go to their place. I was shocked exactly after 16 days I got the call as Baba had told me.

We arranged to meet them on 19th. We all liked her in the first meeting she had a positive vibe.
We had a nice meeting with the family and we left, as I sat in the car Sai ki Kripa, Sai Ki Kripa,Sai ki Kripa kept on coming in my mouth repeatedly and it came so many times. I was wondering why? Her name is Kripa.

I told my son I don’t know but this sentence is coming from my mouth again and again, I think Baba is indicating something.

I have a habit of putting chits in front of Baba to ask many questions 😀 I trouble him a lot. So as usual I put a chit of yes & no, asking him Baba is this the girl you have selected for us. And the answer was yes. We had invited them to come to our house, so after a week they came & it so happened all was good, girl & boy liked each other the engagement got fixed 💖
Indeed my sweet Kripa is Sai ki Kripa for me,my son and my entire family, loving, caring and affectionate. It is his Kripa to send an angel 😇
May Baba shower his grace (Kripa) on each one of us.
Sai Naam Anmol, Sai Leela Anant 🙏🌹

Mamta Modi.

Stay blessed dearies. May you find peace in baba sai and can forget all your pains and give them to him. He is waiting for your love as well as pains. Just give some!

Om Sairam 😇🙃


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