Cast a spell “Riddikulus !”

Dear friends , I am asking Sai Baba to send you all the good vibes and bliss 😊.

Have you heard this word , well let me tell you in what context I mentioned this here. I might have told you someday in some post that I was a harry potter fan and as I grew up , I could see deeper beneath the events that happened in this movie series. You can watch and take it just as a movie or you can relate and connect your own life to it.

This connection happened to one such event of the movie . Harry and his classmates were being taught a magic to convert their “fear into laughter”. The mantra of this magic was “riddikulus” or “hasyantram” in hindi , utilising the energy of the magical spell to convert the ” thing that one fears ” into “a thing that one can laugh easily at”😀 . It was a funny class ,still ” you have to face your fear first , only then you can spell over it”.

Your fears can have some aspect that can be funny

I thought about my recent accident and felt so funny to know my thoughts in that moment of falling down from scuty..” ohh yaar ,kachra hogya . Kon sametega ise ab.” (Ohh dear , everything is spilled , now who will collect these pieces). Its not possible if we live in victim syndrome phase. There is nothing bad to feel like a victim , so it can be a perceptive truth for anyone. But, why are we reading this post ? Because we are not satisfied with the perceptions we are already using in our lives . So , here its a fresh one for you.

🙂 I was thinking about baba and was reminded of that accident suddenly and this time the events seemed less grievous and more funny .

And the next words of baba were “Hasyantram!”

This spell becomes a habit

I feel like baba is making me practice this , as I have taken life and the events of it too seriously.

Now , my friend and me fell from byk 2 days back , and it was a dramatic fall. And , I swear , I was not able to control my laughter. I have never laughed over myself like this. But it was funny 😄 or maybe sai made me see it that way.

Baba can make anything happen as he is within us 🥰 , he changes our perception from within.

That’s all for today .

Ya Sai.

keep smiling in pain too.



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