My husband is an angel!

Hey friends ,may Baba Sai keep you healthy and peaceful . You noticed something ? I started writing “peaceful ” as I noticed peace is more important than being happy. 😇 You might not be laughing or smiling but your heart will be at ease with his blessings . You will have a deep satisfaction of being soo loved and healed by Baba Sai himself.


Don’t be scared to read this . I have felt this .. its my perception . After Reiki .. I was made to face certain situations that I have hold on to .. it comes again to get released from your system forever. But now Baba Reiki has made you rise to a certain level to respond and handle that situation properly this time..not to react or hold on to it like in past . In a beautiful way this time you just let go . And it feels so much liberating .

Some times we feel we take on others’ pain when we heal them . But , I feel like if baba made me a healer .. and if he has to let me take on others’ pain then why to be scared of this. Don’t you see the path to baba is through people. Don’t you remember the lessons of serving others for your own upliftment. Isn’t serving others the same thing as taking pain of others.. be it in physical world or spiritual. If you were not indebted .. you can take no pain of others. You are just clearing your own debts through healing. This is what healing is .. clearing all karmas as quickly as we can with an awareness that its for our benefit. 😊

I pray for all reiki healers to pass these tests beautifully with calmness and surrender .😇 ya sai

I had released some trauma and fear from past today. And it felt somewhat painful but more than that felt relieved.

Sai knows future ofcourse . He gave me message to drive my scuty at a slower speed . He was signalling me this, while me driving. (Heard his voice in form of a strong thought which was popping up again and again from last 2 weeks) His instruction was very specific he used words “drive below 40” . I was surprised to hear that but I noticed it when I increased my speed he would made me apply brakes somehow. Some vehicle will come in front or my phone will ring .

Last night on my way home, I was driving at 60 and reached almost 70 as I thought road was empty ..and I was saying to Sai .. baba its ok to drive fast. And then suddenly I saw a cow running in front of me .. she came from nowhere. And when I applied brakes .. my scuty made a screeching sound and I felt it shaking side by side like going out of balance . I was taught to drive slowly again by baba . I thanked him and reached home safely. 😇

Sometimes baba’s messages make sense immediately and sometimes after a gap . Sometimes , he teaches your subconscious mind somethings .. that you think you might have forgotten .. but that lesson will come in handy when its supposed to be .

So this training of last two weeks .. became useful today . When my scuty got hit by a city bus from behind . I got only scratches but the friend sitting behind me got injured more .. still she did not have any gross injury . I was driving fast and I might have crossed 50 but my intuition made me slow down .

This incidence took away my fear from past . In 2012, I hit a car and though no major injuries occurred I had syncope and that incident filled a fear of driving after that . I started driving again from last two months after my timeline healing in reiki . Today miracle after miracle happened. We both suffered lesser injuries . My friend was thrown in front of that bus still she was safe.

Then , I acted so bravely . In that moment , I felt no fear . I held my friend and took her at the side of the road.. I drove again to reach my guide’s home to show thesis. Then , drove back ,dropped her and drove back to home . Once a moment came when my past self said call your husband and get rid of this responsibility can’t do this are not strong enough.

But some power filled me in that moment and I could do all this. I felt relieved . Its not bad to ask for help . But I have always since childhood felt so helpless and dependent on others in such situations . So this what happened today set me free.

Baba Sai has changed me tremedously over these years and specially these last few months . I am doing things that seemed impossible to me. 🙃

He gave me a lesson

Call it he saved me or rescued me. I know he did but felt his voice saying something else. “This was necessary for you . But don’t be trapped in the feeling of me saving you.. as then your mind will consider those souls to be unfortunate, who die in accidents . And this is not the truth. What you see unfortunate in physical world maybe not so unfortunate spiritually. So, you are being blessed with healing and learning a new lesson .. not saved darling.”

This felt new .. I have not considered such situations this way .. let alone seeing my own life situation from a new glasses of perception .

Yes baba makes the impact lesser😃 .. He made me carry udi and my crystal with me . He is amazing na. He wants to see shakti in me instead of a victim. And he blessed me to be one today .

Baba starts healing you beforehand

I am feeling different energy in my right leg from last few days .. and today scratches came on right leg only . You need not ask him for help .. he prepares your mind and body beforehand for a situation and trust me when I say .. he will allow that much which is necessary for you to go through .. rest he will take upon himself.

My husband is an angel

I was asking baba ” Baba I got such good people in my life .. still no one who gives me space in spiritual practices and participates equally with me in that. I want someone whom I can be so frank .. who never judges my mistakes .. and can stay with me well as meditate with me and thinking like this my eyes fell on my husband and stopped there. ..Heard baba’s answer “Why are you searching . Your partner is here already.” And suddenly I saw a vision where my husband was meditating with me side by side. I smiled and said tathastu.😁

I might have told you , he is not into meditation or spiritual practices. He is mature and very understanding in his thoughts but never calls himself spiritual. He knows more concepts and knows how to handle situations better than me still he stays away from meditation.

He has tried also but did not feel interested .. so left.

So , this vision felt calming to me .. hehe alot peaceful .

Baba gave an intuition that I shall channel healing for him continuously for 21 days . I started last night . Felt my hands totally they were not my hands .. but baba’s .As I started I saw wings around him . I was pleasantly shocked to see this vision . Baba had kept hands on his head. I again asked baba ..why does he not believe me that meditation will take him higher? Though he has seen me change through meditation and reiki and achieve success also.

Then baba replied .. ” He has always took decisions himself. He does not rely on others to decide for him . He has done that from childhood. He respects everyone’s choice but does not let his decisions change due to influence of someone . So ,if you want to influence him have to rise higher .. to match his frequency.

I always felt his vibrations are higher than me .. I have seen him closely. So, baba indicated ” just channel healing for him and heal yourself alongwith.. you will know what to do next. “

“If you won’t heal yourself .. he has to vibe lower to match you as this is his pact with you from soul dimension. He promised to stay with you when you need him. So heal yourself that you no longer stay codependent but self dependent and existing together. “

That is all for today . See you next time.

Ya Sai 🥰

I pray to see you in his feet forever.

May he makes you vibe higher with his love.


keep smiling.😇

One thought on “My husband is an angel!

  1. Sai and all our love is always with you sangimaa. Sai will never let you even get scratched 🤗 lot’s of love 🌹❤️🫶


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