Aim for golden mean not perfection !

Hey Sai friends , its been long . I pray for you all to be happy and healthy.😊

Baba Sai teaches me everyday through people around me . He rightly taught me that everyone is our guru if we keep our mind open to receive other’s perception positively. Baba Sai is amazing teacher and this way he also shows us ” He is in everyone “.

My fear of driving

I must have mentioned about my fear of driving scuty . I kind of lost my confidence in myself that I can drive without feeling stressed. Now, as Baba Sai made me reach reiki level 2 , I was introduced to timeline healing where we let go of our past traumas and things which are holding us back. We don’t pay attention but roots of all our present sufferings are lying in our past . There is no point in blaming the world or others . Its a simple concept .. IT’S YOU WHO WANTS TO HEAL SO ITS YOU WHO IS RESPONSIBLE. Questions like why me will only lead to entrapping you in the victim syndrome. We will talk about victim syndrome later in details.


I was driving scuty and I felt confident but again I went into that vibe of fear and I left driving.

I have noticed some people who drive so carelessly . Seeing them it feels like they have no fear at all and they treat their scuty or byk like a toy.

I shared this to my husband asking him why am I feeling this fear again. Isn’t there a way that I become fearless like those people.

He introduced me to the “golden mean theory” . Though I don’t know the original maybe I did not understand it wholly.

This original theory is from Aristotle , a great western philosopher .My husband decoded this theory in my life .

He said imagine a scale of fear from 0 to 100 % . Now , for those people if we assume fear to be 0 % , you might think its a beautiful place to be fear free completely . Now think of the implications of driving fearfree . We might hurt ourselves or others as we will be reckless. Small amount of fear is necessary in a way as it makes us cautious and we become caring in our actions.We care for lives and it makes us human.

Now , on the opposite extreme end imagine fear to be 100% .. that was your case when you left driving at all.

So, now we have to focus on achieving the golden mean not absence of fear as fear is not so bad when kept in small amount. The golden mean will give you the necessary amount of each emotions.

Your flaws are also necessary . They make you human and give you a deep perception . When you have made a mistake yourself , you won’t judge anyone who is making one now. When you have had fear of something .. you won’t feel oblivious of people who need the right guidance to achieve their golden mean of fear .

Leaving aside the concept of being totally flaw free called perfection .. that is always an illusion .. we now will try to achieve a level of our flaws that gives us connection to all the souls .

Connection is necessary but its not attachment

I have always asked baba how you do it . You are attached but detached at the same time . If you have read satcharitra , you would know .. baba used to cry when someone left him .. he used to get angry sometimes and show all the emotions of a normal human being like us .. surrounded by people all around. But at the same time he was away from all .. not dependent on anyone at all .

He loved and cared for everyone .. but still was detached from the world .. How did you do it baba!

I don’t know the exact answer but till now he has taught that I should concentrate to not take pleasure in people doing something for me ..but to put all that come to me in his feet .. baba will let me feel it if he wills. It doesn’t imply that we should not connect to people or we should not feel happy.

Connect to people in a way that you can care and do things for them on the surface but clearing your own karmas actually . Don’t do anything if you feel you are doing it for anyone else. If you feel its necessary then go and do it but place your thoughts on baba’s feet . He will definitely bless us with the insight we need in that moment.

How to place thoughts in his feet . Just close your eyes and imagine your thoughts written over a paper that you put in baba’s feet in your visualisation. Or you can do it in real by writing your thoughts on a paper and putting it over baba’s charanas . Remember the last post ? Use physical to reach spiritual

Our flaws are necessary

I have DNS deviated nasal septum .. so I know how it feels to have allergic rhinitis and to be made fun of a long nose. I am not able to take jokes about my appearances as a joke . Baba is making me take it lightly though . But still all this made me a good human . I can’t blame others for the actions they did after this deep realisation from baba that whatever that happened in my life was baba’s grace .

Once , I charted a simple fluid for a child who according to protocol needed a lower sodium fluid . Attendant gave a history of decreased urine output so I must have given lower sodium fluid but instead I gave normal fluid.Don’t know why I did it . It was a mistake according to me.

In morning, I realised I will get scolded for it .. but I was not . Child had another problem which was not at all connected to kidney ..later on it was known .

So,what I took as a mistake turned out to be the right decision after all.

Once , I spoke rudely to my mom in law which I regreted but couldn’t know why I did it .. if I was so devoted to baba , how can I be rude . That time baba told me if I did not do it .. I would not have learnt to apologise . I apologised to someone in my family first time from my heart , deeply realising my mistake. Acceptance was quick that time with baba Sai.. what never happened before that.

Now when I look back .. I see baba’s grace everywhere . With each passing day .. lesser anger ..lesser blame .. lesser regrets from past remain. It feels like a void filling up .. like a deep dark aching well being filled up with soft moist healing earth giving it completion and sense of fulfillment.

So, that day and after alot of such experiences baba told that our mistakes are not something to worry and keep guilt about . Accept your mistake ..learn your lesson and move on . Don’t regret it your whole life .

A new concept : Life is a game

Once I got a strange dream . My question was to baba “Why you made up this world of suffering.” Maybe that dream was an answer . He showed me a palace where persons were coming to “play” . I saw myself excitedly standing at the entry gate confused to take part in the game or not. One person in form of a half lion came there and said ” Its completely your choice if you wanna see what I built inside.”

I came across this concept of taking life as a game . It seems hard but its beautiful once you accept it . When you feel drowning in emotions .. just feel its a drama ..not the reality . And it will be over . There is no point in blaming someone . They all are playing their parts. Roles and scripts have been assigned . But , this drama is different in the way that YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SCRIPT. You have been given the power of choice and you can change your papers.

I remember the lines from satcharitra now (mentioning in vague words ) ” Let the world go topsy turvy .. just observe all the drama happening in front of you and let it pass by you . You don’t get affected in the least.”

I pray we become a torch in his hand .. when to radiate light through us .. or when to be switched off ..let it be decided by him. Some darkness is necessary for us . Some darkness is necessary to be spread through us.

P.S. Baba showed a vision of a gallery filled with fairylights and said why is it looking beautiful compared to if it was lit by a single tubelight in place of a million fairylights . Next moment he answered himself “Because these lights give a contrast of darkness and light and that’s what it makes this beautiful. So is with our life .Some low emotions , some darkness .. some pain ..some flaws are necessary in between. ”

Don’t you worry in the least .Every mistake ,, every pain .. every wound .. every moment has an importance in your life . Nothing happened without a purpose , trust me . Its all part of the plan . And its happening . What you have to do is to stick to him .. not the beliefs ..not the patterns ..not the mere thoughts or concepts these will be changed with situation and time . So stick to the source !

Stay blessed in his feet . I pray you find your answers and peace always.

Ya Sai 😇


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