Baba Sai listens to each prayer of ours !

This is a beautiful picture of sandhya lamp lighting by a sai sakha di rekha from SAIBISA group

Hey friends , Baba Sai is amazing and I will keep saying that. How can I not tell stories of him .. all I see is him everywhere I go and I connect.

Now sharing with you the expereince which came to me through the words of a sai sakha didi from SAIBISA group .

Enjoy 😊

Ya Sai ✨✨✨

Sharing my miracle ❤️ with you.
All this started with my daughter preparing for JEE exam.

My daughter is intelligent but she is a bit lazy.
I was not prepared to send her outside Delhi but she was preparing for her exams that could lead her to anywhere in India.Also it seemed difficult for her to get admission in Engineering college in Delhi. I continuously kept on praying baba please keep your blessings on her.

With baba ji’s blessings she got rank of 55000 in jee exams , and private colleges have started admissions (outside delhi) . Delhi college was yet to declare result in september end , so we have had to book a seat before that as she could not take a chance to try again from the beginning.She got admission in Vellore, and I was not happy as here she will be able to meet me only after 3 months.So I prayed to baba please do something.Day our flight was scheduled was approaching, just a day before that she got admission in Patiala college, now this was my first miracle 😃, as here we can meet her frequently within 15 days, but still my wish for her was to get admission in best college in Delhi.. so she can continue studies with us.

While she was in Patiala, I went to see her & ask her to be with us for the weekend, but once we reached home her feet got injured so it was not possible for her to go back to patiala, though it was a very minor injury.

Every day, since the day she came back , babaji kept on sharing the next miracle is going to happen.

This Saturday she was supposed to go back to Patiala but today we got news she got admission in good evening college ( the college in my visualisation).

Every time, every minute baba ji was showing, I am with you, why worry
I will give you best.

Really no show what he did 🥰 he just changed our life..and reminded of us that nothing is impossible when baba is with us.

One more thing each & every astrologer we went to , predicted that she will not get admission in Delhi.And Baba ji did just the opposite ..changing her destiny to our favour.😇🙇‍♀️

Sai baba ji ki jai🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Keep faith 🙏🥰.He is within us and listens to each prayer we say.

– vandana

I hope you enjoyed it . Ya Sai

sai sai😍


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