“I will come at the call of my devotee” – Saibaba

Om Sairam friends ,I pray for you all to stay happy and healthy forever.

Today I am sharing with you all an amazing experience shared by a sweet di from SAIBISA group.

Here it is:

Sai Leelas and experiences are amazing. In 2005 we planned a Holiday to Sikkim & Darjeeling. Few days before we were to leave early morning I got a dream in which I saw a person meeting me in my holiday on the road while walking and then I said I have seen him somewhere and suddenly I realised he is Baba & I became so happy & started shouting this is Baba Baba and woke up.

He had said in my dream I will give you darshan soon, I was so happy it was a wonderful dream and I asked him are you going to meet me in the form of someone similar please don’t take a test and don’t give darshan in such a way that I don’t realise Baba.😅

I shared this with my friend with whom I was going she said please tell me when you see Baba don’t do darshan all alone.
I said of course I will tell you.

I was on a look out for a Baba look alike person. Same like Baba he was in my dream except he was in shirt and pant.
Did not find anyone and forgot the episode after we came back home, as days went by the memory of the dream faded. Those days I used to go to Sai temple every day.

After one and half year or so once when I was a bit disturbed I told Baba you had told me you will give darshan and you never came.
Just as I said this I bowed down on Baba’s padukas and complained.
After a few days as my usual routine I went to the temple in the evening the care taker was sitting on a chair outside the temple I wished him and went inside the temple, after darshan as I was going towards my car which was across the road exactly opposite the temple, I saw a man with agarbati packets in his hand and a cloth bag on his shoulder as if he was selling agarbati. As soon as I saw him something happened to me as his aura was very strong I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes he gave a smile to me ,nodded and I too nodded thinking have seen him somewhere & immediately realised this that He is the same person whom I had seen in my dream and I said “oh my God this is Baba” . I got so shocked and happy too with goose bumps I was in awe of him, he nodded and passed by me with a smile and in seconds he had vanished, he did not try to sell his agarbattis as he came a little closer I thought he will ask if I wanted agarbatti, he did not try to ask anyone like how people outside temples sell. I ran back to the temple where the care taker was sitting he was hardly 15 to 20 feet away from the person so I asked him does this agarbatti wala come here every day I have never seen anyone selling agarbati here before, the care taker said which agarbatti wala? I said the one who was standing here just now opposite you and the temple, he said no one was standing there he did not see anyone, and that no one comes outside this temple selling things as the temple has its own shop there are no vendors here.

I was shocked, that he was so close to the man and he says he did not see anyone, he said ” aap ko Baba ne darshan diye honge Didi yahaan kabhi koi agarbatti bech ne nahi aata.” I was so excited and elated with the awe of the face ditto like the one in my dream and ditto Baba except for the dress. When he crossed me I felt a vibration. It was such a beautiful experience I was so happy that finally Baba did fulfill his promise. Even after one and half year I had not forgotten the face seen in my dream. Next when I went to the temple the care taker said Didi aapke jaane ke baad maine aas paas wale logon ko pucha ke wo agar Bati wala kaun tha par kisi ne use nahi dekha, aapke liye Baba aaye the isliye Sirf aapko dikhe😇😇🙏🙏
I pray to Baba to give me such darshan & experiences 🙏 often. I cannot express perfectly what it felt my tears kept flowing in happiness that I saw Baba and he came for me 🙏 thank you Baba 🙏Dhanyosmi 🙏 plz keep coming Baba aao Sai 🙏😇😇

Mamta Modi 🌸

How can we not feel goosebumps after reading this. Baba Sai comes when called for .

He is amazing..he is love.

leaving you all in the awe of this expereince.

Dhanyosmi baba 🙏

Om sairam😇


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