Its Ganesh Chaturthi

This is a picture from home of a dear di and Saisakha mamta di

Hey friends , I pray you all are doing good in your lives.. and wishes for best of your health and happiness.🙏

Its ganu’s day and I had night on 30th. I was having abdomen cramps and loose motions. I was trying to ask someone to do my night duty but I couldn’t find someone free . So, after trying a bit , I gathered courage to take baba’s name and go to my duty. Whatever will happen , we will see.

His Rehem Nazar Is always upon you

I have always noted whenever someone said no to me , it was a favour towards me from Baba. Its not just quote that when you don’t get what you wished for , his will is done. And his will is for your betterment.😊

I went after having khichdi(porridge) for dinner. I ate less to not stimulate my gut for another motion🤭 . So, obviously I got my stomach burning in hunger at 1 am in night duty. I tried to ignore but couldn’t. So, I thought what to eat in such condition of mine that couldn’t accept something from online delivery. So, I asked baba what should I have (I was in a meditative vibe that time) . As soon as I questioned , he answered me by showing me a packet of biscuits in a vision with my eyes open.

So, here it was .. biscuits . I thought who would bring biscuits , there came the answer “ask the ward boy” .. I couldn’t see ward boy anywhere nearby . I again heard a voice in my mind “He is coming ..wait.”

I got busy in patients and I found ward boy came straight to me and sat there talking to me. Wow .Hehe , someone said it right , when you ask for his help ..he goes beyond to help you out.

I got biscuits and did not feel my stomach getting upset after eating them. How can it be was baba’s remedy maybe for my loose motions. I remembered the unique treatment strategies of Sai baba mentioned in Sai satcharitra. And one was revolving in my mind when baba used ground nuts to cure diarrhoea for his devotee.😇

I felt good and when I got sometime ,I went to sleep at around 3 am. As I fell asleep , I saw a scene from my past.. when I worshipped ganu on ganesh chaturthi at some hospital I worked at that time. I have completely forgotten of such puja I did. How come it came in front of my eyes.. maybe it was a signal for me to do it again.

So, after my duty got over , I brought a ganu murti for performing the same and told my plan to my friends.

We met in evening, did puja and enjoyed alot.🥰

It was a good day with good vibes.🤗

From tomorrow , my posting is somewhere else. I obviously have a fear for change. But , I have my ganu and baba with me. On the side , I am reciting Sai Satcharita one chapter a day with SAIBISA team .. to complete it on baba’s samadhi day.Isn’t it wonderful😍

Ganesha my saviour

Ganu felt so much closer after baba. It seems after baba comes in your life , each of almighty forms are like responding so quickly . I don’t know the truth what is it but I felt it.

I know he has protected me from so many troubles and will keep doing that. Baba , I love you .. my Sai ganesha .. you are just awesome .

“Mujhe kadam kadam pe tune diya sahara ..meri jindagi badal di tune kar ke ek ishara”

I am listening to this song nowadays on spotify .

I put a real modak in ganu’s hand

This is today’s puja picture from my little hostel room .😇

You can go through the post I wrote how I felt ganesha saved me👉 Saiganesha the flashlight

We will talk more later. Meet you soon.

Jai Sai ganesha ❤


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