“My people do not come to me of their own accord; it is I who seek and bring them to me.”

Om sairam dear sai friends.

I went to take leave for 7 days starting tomorrow from our HOD sir. And I got it.

It was last july that I met my moms .. both my mom and my mom in law. They have been asking to come but I could not go due to such schedule of my duties.

This time ..I got a call from didi yesterday. She asked me if I can come with her . She is going to hometown to meet our mom dad.And I said I will try to take permission. Reality is I am so afraid to go in front of HOD sir to ask for leave. Sir is kind hearted but last year circumstances lead me to hate him and my seniors more.

Though I rarely say good things about him , but I know he won’t deny.

Then later yesterday , I met 2 of my collegues having similar duties like me. And she said , we will adjust our duties as they both will go for leave one by one this month. And right in that moment Saibaba made me hop onto the opportunity of going home. I said yes and added I will too . She asked me to go home this week only because she had plans in next week. So , I reached in front of HOD chamber in morning.

I sat in silence yesterday when I got some time in my night duty. And I was feeling an urge to go to Shirdi. Again I felt like I need to go. I came to my hostel room after night duty and told my husband to search for trains to shirdi.

Whom to take ?

Then came the question , whom to take with me . As my husband has pre exam on 5th of june. And I am leaving for Jaipur on 3rd. So, I called my didi .But she visited Shirdi with my mom dad ..only last month.

Again , I tried calling my friends who are equally into Sai. They took time to decide. And finally deepak started making tickets at 2 pm. Until then waiting list became large and though tickets were done but our booking is still in waiting list.

I could not make any plan further as this can happen only if those tickets are confirmed. And I booked my ticket till jaipur. As whether I go to Shirdi or Home ..I need to go to jaipur first.

So, I am now in a curiousity to know where will I go.

I planned to go home after coming from shirdi but it will become like touching home and coming back . I also tried flight but not everyone else can afford that. And I can pay for one more friend but cannot do that for 3 friends who are coming with me.

So , now I remember Sai’s words from Saisatcharitra ..“My people do not come to me of their own accord; it is I who seek and bring them to me.”

Let us see what happens tomorrow. But I am happy in this moment ..for the possibilities that can happen.

I trust his decision and wisdom.

Here is a cute photo of home Saibaba pooja from my friend.



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