Mental disorders and a dream of Tajuddin baba

Om Sairam friends,

I have seen the movie beautiful mind (theme-Schizophrenia) and I was shocked how real main character’s friends seemed to him. I never imagined what it felt like when it happens to us ..or to our loved ones.

Taking the medical help :

Well, I realised it later ..but since I was a medico ,I should have known this much earlier. But I didn’t .

Our society seems to have put a taboo on these kind of illnesses. If anyone comes to know about it .. it would be a disaster. And it really is a disaster. People around us will use this information as a way to mock us.

Yes , its tough to accept someone might have such issue ,but if you need words for your guidance then just remember ..


Take help without thinking of others.

Stand up for your loved one if (s)he needs help for mental disorders or slightest of neurosis.

Don’t make fun of people fighting with such never know what it feels like when you are in their place.

I have seen some very mature minds behaving like a kintergarten kid when they see someone dealing with such issues.

My very closed one has suffered an acute episode of psychosis recently. It was like a nightmare for everyone surrounding him.

I seeked Sai’s guidance

I meditated intensely the day I came to know about him .And in my early morning sleep , I got a dream where I was cleaning dust from some samadhi kind of structure. I was wondering in the dream only , what is this place.

In next moment , I saw someone suddenly woke up from the floor of samadhi .He looked kind of scary with two dark holes in place of two eyes and a white clad body with white beard .And said “Why did you wake me up?” There was no anger but curiousity in his voice.

And I scared to watch him ,was wondering who is he did he fit in that samadhi ..heard someone saying ..its tajuddin baba . This name was repeated two three times and I woke up for real.

I really did not get what this dream carried for me but I searched for tajuddin baba and found out a coincidental and weird thing . He was kept in mental assylum people considered him psycho when he got into that spiritual out of world zone.

His samadhi is built in pune and he has fulfilled wishes of thousands of people from the time he was alive. And his silhoutte , physique ,face somewhat looked familiar with Sai..baba Sai !

I have been lost in my training graduation. I am finding time again for spiritual practices .

I wish I can write every week because I love to write.

In that case you soon!

Om Sairam


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