Sai Rehem nazar

Saibaba one with each soul


Om Sairam 😊

Hey sai friends , I pray for you all that you find the answers to your queries soon. I pray for people going through their cleansing , (we won’t call it suffering.. for once) , let them feel the strength to go on, the will to start from beginning .

When something gets lost or ruined ..believe something new will take its place!

And that is good for us or bad , I don’t know .Our meaning of good and bad changes in each dimension.  As my husband says all the time , why we see spiritual dimension same as physical one. Here , what we call suffering in physical plane maybe is a good thing in spiritual plane.

Well , that brings me to the new beginning of my life. I am trying to bring some changes inside me .. but nothing is possible without Saimaa.

I want to change me , I am tired of complaining and criticising. I don’t even know sometimes , who this version of myself is , who kills her inner voice and does what she doesn’t want to, actually.

I pray to Sai deeply to support people who believe in changing themselves. So many of us have reached a place where we know , we can’t change this world . Still we are stuck in sleep or leisure or comfort that keeps us away from our dreams.

I pray that he burns a fire inside us , that awakens us .. who are slept in darkness. 

I pray that the fire of his love burns so bright that it just burns away all the hindrances in becoming one with him .. becoming one with the dream , he taught us to see.

I pray that he be the breath , that we take to ask for his blessings and that sends a reassurance of “tathastu” in our ears.

I pray that you all find solace in his feet. In his eyes , you find the relief you need. And our mind be a slave to him .

Our guide .. our guru Saimaa.

Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai.

He is always with us without any doubt.

This line is stuck inside my head .. from last day .. “उसकी एक रहम नजर , हमारे लाखो जन्मो के पाप कर्मो को खत्म कर सकती है।”

Don’t worry about what you did in past ..or past births ..if your faith is such , he will cleanse away all those sins or deeds in a second ..🥰

Allah malik


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