The fakir knows you better!


Om Sairam friendss , it’s been a month since I started some thing new ..taking baba’s udi with water daily . I missed a day or two only. From first of october I started doing something good for friends  ..but my routine broke somehow .I was reading satcharitra to complete it by 15th , but that too was disturbed . I could not find enough time to read 3 or 4 chapters a day . So, what was the solution to keep my promise?

Well , I learnt it last week .. we often tend to forget that we always have someone as our support , and people around us are chosen by God to keep us on the path .

As , I was unable to do it , I transferred the responsibility of reading rest half of satcharitra to my husband . Wow , while writing this , I feel good to say that it shows he is my better half. So, we shared half half satcharitra😇.

The hitesh challenge!

My husband’s younger brother is going  through a tough phase rightnow . Some failures and some harmful addictive habits and the vicious cycle goes on. He is actually very intelligent and has a different kind of revolutionary mindset but the effect of not getting what we want, dampens all.

I don’t know why I always had an affection to help those who are mentally tired  . Maybe I know it very well  , to be at that place or maybe I had some such past life experiences.. that I don’t remember now. But , I can feel it in my heart.

So, today my husband returned from home and shared what happened there. While listening how hitesh is doing.. I suddenly said “I challenge that I can change hitesh for better.” And at the same time , I felt deja vu.

5-6 years back when I was in my prefinal year , I saw amit (my husband’s best friend) in the same condition… mentally tired and worn out . And I don’t know where I got this confidence but I similarly challenged my then boyfriend(my husband) that I can change it all .

I don’t know the origin of this faith , but I strongly believe that my baba can change it all! For better .

And there is nothing better than a human praying for another human. Words may fall short , words may be misunderstood but prayers are intention based . And if you want someone to heal , and invoke Saibaba’s help … there can nothing be more powerful than that. It got to be fulfilled.

After this challenge , I slept and got a dream .. which I can’t remember but yes I remember chanting Om sairam loudly, continuously and with full faith.

It made my conviction to do something for hitesh , stronger.

The fakir knows you better than you yourself!

This is the title today as I got a second dream where some voice was telling me this ..and these words left a deep impact on my heart even in sleep.

” You may think , you know yourself very well. You think you are weak and you can’t do this. But a father knows his child better . The fakir knows you better than you know yourself. And this fakir knows you have an infinite strength.” 

And , I woke up after a strong wave of faith runned through me.

You know what , our mind tells us a thousand things but believe what your heart tells you. I believe , Sai can change it all. And he will.

I have seen good changes earlier me and people around me. And I believe I will see alot of good changes further.

Saimaa , thanks alot.

I pray for you all , whatever you want to be manifested if it’s good for you. And if it doesn’t then may Sai gives you enough faith in him that you stay happy in all situations.

Om Sairam 🥰





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