I am HSP


Hey Sai friends , it’s a new finding for me 😄. Though I have read all these kind of stuff . Types of personalities etc. But, I did not believe it much and never paid attention like this before.

I came across a book written on HSP .. a hyper sensitive person . Yes, I am not kidding . You would be shocked and relieved at the same time that there is such a term. I have always used “fattu” to describe my over reactive ..too sensitive nature that I fear crowded and hectic places ..and works. No wonder I enjoy writing as I don’t have to face someone this way. Interaction drains me out.

This book is really good. I will share the amazon link to you. If you ever felt , loud noises , too much lights  , too many people are not your cup of tea. You are most probably a HSP. If you feel your energy drains so rapidly when exposed to these mentioned above .. you are a HSP. If you think , you can’t control your tears .. on trivial things ..you are a HSP.

HSP doesn’t mean scared or cry child. I realised it now. We are made like this to keep the soul alive in our society. I feel so good by doing things for others , which avoid confrontation. I love to talk softly to others . I suffer from too much guilt if my actions and words were not according to my HSP criteria… let alone the thought ” it hurt others or not.”

I have read a few pages only. But, I recommend it to all , if you are like me.

It said HSP are meant to be the care takers of home , don’t have to deal with the outside world . And they are good at “loving people” , “planning surprises”. It doesn’t mean , we are never social. If we know everyone in the group and they are close enough ..we enjoy outings also.

But, we find a solo corner if we are at a new place with new faces.

Yes , I forgot to mention this .. I love coffee , but if took two in a row , I would feel dizzy. I hate soft drinks as I loose my mind . It’s like it makes me crazy when I loose my control over me. Also  ,there are alot of anxiety issues . I hate changes .. more than others.

I rememeber , I always felt , if I am programmed to feel things 100 times more powerfully than others ..be it happy feelings or sad ones.

Well , I am all about HSP today. Hehe .

But , Sai has always helped me to find my center back . Sai maa knew people like me need more of meditation and spirituality to bring us back . So, HSPs tend to drift towards it ..more than others. They find that peace that they long for in it and other people mostly never understand it.

Also , I remember telling others my point of view when I reacted ..My reactions seem to be childish and I have heard it always all the time ..”Why are you over reacting?” Until I started believing it that “something is wrong with me.”

Still ,I have too many questions. And I will tell you more when I learn more through this.

Well , my juniors are coming soon .. and I pray that I find my HSP time 😂

I kept feeling odd one out .It’s like I have to use all my energy  while for others any kind of change is a “cakewalk”.

It will make it easier to love myself more now.Because that’s we need in today’s world.Right 😍

This book is a long waited answer from Sai  . I have been going crazy from last few months to find out what is wrong with me. And Sai as always answered me on time. 😊

Love him always..

You can get this book here.

I am reading Sai satcharitra daily to complete it on 15th october.. the mahasamadhi day of baba. I am also doing other things as it’s the shraadh fortnight (15 days in a year to give respect to our ancestors that have passed away). And it feels good when you do something good inspite of your busy schedule.

As someone told me ..we are doctors and our life will be like this only. So, its better to find a balance rightnow.. as then it will become more difficult later on.

Om Sairam 😍


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