The generation gap

  • A dream from past

Hey friends , this picture caught my attention on a regular Pinterest scroll .I exactly could not point out what was so special about it .

Om Sairam dearies … telling you about my current situation ..I am typing my post with my left hand as my right hand is in cast. No , I’m not talking about the cast of a movie … As my hand doesn’t have such good looks 😂. But, the POP cast  ..the white plaster.

“What happened?” Would be obvious from your side.

Last Monday , I worked till 3 pm (from Sunday night 9 pm) as it was a shift change day. I could not sleep much in night duty ,so it was almost 18 hours continuous work and no sleep .My mind gets “out of zone” in such conditions.

I was scared to drive by myself back to hostel after that duty. But , I did. When I reached much closer to the hostel , there was a road to cross . I misjudged my distance and timing and dared to race my scuty in front of two vehicles driving at a fast speed. And there was a gap of 3 seconds between them and me . I crossed the road and just then they passed the road. Everybody there, howled at the possibility of a great accident that I almost escaped. In the process , my right hand got twisted . I felt pain on prone movements of right wrist. Ortho people told me it’s TFCC injury  (some cartilage complex at wrist) .

Sai saves you from disasters

You would find it ridiculous if I tell you ..I was happy with this accident. I am not lying . I severely feel that there should be atleast one off a week in residency . It’s made more like a jail. You tend to feel suffocated especially more if you are someone like me .. much sensitive and way too serious during work . I always think of taking a break after lunch but I just can’t . And the exhaustion reaches a peak accumulating over time. So, actually Sai saved me not just from too much physical pain ..that would have been there if I had got into that accident getting multiple serious injuries ..but also the mental injury, I am going through at work.

Mental health matters

Where people consider “work is worship ” ,this work has lead to many depressed people and suicides too. And you would notice ..people who give their best are prone to more depression. Does it mean , we should not give our best ? No, nothing like that but we should learn to rest a while in between otherwise the one taking care of others will himself need to be taken care of . And , I really feel disappointed on the actual scenario of this place where people don’t care about mental health of the residents. On the top of the work …there are always comments that hurt you deep like swords .

I guess what did I do in last births that I got here 🤭. And then residents thinking is molded such that they consider it as “normal” . If this is normal then ofcourse people will doubt when some one talks lovingly .

Well , I can’t do much ..but I pray to Sai that the elders embrace the “change”.They should walk with it not stand against it.

If they are so keen on the recent updates in medicine , how can they stay indifferent towards the need of today . Today people are more vulnerable than ever before to depression. They live away from home living for their dream … when the puberty hits .Or maybe earlier.

If you are a senior one.. I would like to say . We respect you alot but showing you our perspective is not disrespect in this era. You used to be quiet and silent when your elders said something .. but it’s not the same world now. New generation thinks it’s better to say in front and sort out that issue then and now than to keep it in “gossip and criticising” list .

People say , they had lived their life it’s too hard to change . But I say .. yes you have lived your life the old way right .. so why not enjoy the change now ..for your next generation.

Not everything was cool in older times .. not everything is cool rightnow .

There were sati pratha and caste system and much more strange and inhuman practices at their peak in older times . So , was compromise and adjustments .

Divorces and breakups have been increased ..but it doesn’t mean it’s bad . It’s better to cut off if living together makes your life dull and depressive that you die everyday thinking why you are with that guy or girl.

If you are among newer ones ..give them time to pace with you. Let them embrace the change with love . May Sai gives us strength to not hurt and make a better future for both the generations.

Let us make this world beautiful together !

After all being said and done .. I do believe people change with love . I will keep believing this as Sai taught me this. Yes , I am afraid of tomorrow but it won’t stop me from enjoying every beautiful fantasy of mine about that tomorrow .

Newer generation needs love of older ones.. their experience and their immense love is far more appreciated than today’s luxuries and delicacies.

While older generation needs support of the young ones as at this stage of life they can’t make it alone .

We all need each other understand .. to rethink our beliefs ..our concepts .and to love .

Sai bless everyone . May Sai provides you with love and you never feel alone or rejected .

I wish your pain be diminished and your love be doubled up in his feet.

Keep smiling and loving Sai.

Om Sairam ❤️😇



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