Focus on Saibaba

Focus on Sai

Om Sairam ❤️ dear ones . I hope you are good in Sai’s feet .

I will narrate an incident from yesterday night.

As I always said “when no one could help me ..Baba was there .” Actually sometimes conditions arise where a greater power is needed to change the flow of circumstances.

A newborn  patient’s cousin brother( in his 30s ) came in rage and almost tried to hit me in his anger as his newborn brother expired.

He was cousin of that child and the child was preterm (born in 7th month of pregnancy) weighing 1 kg. Some preterm kids survive but many of them expire because of alot of complications of prematurity .This child developed intracranial haemorrhage , so went into shock also developed infection (septicemia) on his 6th day of birth. He was intubated and ventilator was not available (government hospital and limited ventilators) .

As his mother told me the previous night , this was their 6th child and they had previous two male children , who expired after two months of birth . They had 3 female children but still waiting for a male child . In India , still there are certain areas where people prefer to have male babies as they consider female child just a responsibility .

Even I am told by my in- laws’ grand mothers that they want a grand son from me(as if it’s in my hand 😅). They are absolutely conditioned by their upbringing.. so much that , they are females themselves but they also do this partiality of desiring male children.(Irony🤔)  It’s like what we do always .

Whom we hated as a child ..we grow up to become the same person .

Like a mother in law behaving rudely to her daughter in law and the logic being “If I went through such hardships , how she can stay  happily .. she has to be tortured too.” 😅

Like a senior Saying to junior “In our first year ,we worked so hard , how can these juniors stay at peace and take this so easily . They should be tortured to teach them a lesson.”

It’s like , we think.. others’ pain can heal our pain that true?? 🤔

Well try and experiment . I have had this thinking too . I still unconsciously follow this because of my conditioning. But ,Sai ,as always ,reminds me … “What we give , we get .” 

If we give hatred towards others , we get it in return ..maybe not on the same day ..but someday in future , maybe in next births. If we share love with all ,we get the same .

This cycle is automatically maintained as this data of “our intentions” is maintained not in a diary or register deposited at some form of God’s accounts and management section.. but in our very soul.Yes ,we ourselves maintain our intentions data. “Intentions data” means .. what we intended to do . Because intentions matter ..not the outcome in the spiritual world ..and also the physical one .

You intended to save a child and did all you could but child expired. Now what ?  Will outcome count as a minus point or the intention of your hard work count as a plus point. Well you know the answer.


Sai is always there for you ..literally always!

Back to that moment ,when his brother expired .He approached me angrily .. and for a few seconds there was no staff ,no security guard there to protect me . Even they did not know ,he would behave this way . And all I could think of was Saibaba .My heart panicked but I stayed at the same place . Yes I felt fear but a strange kind of faith overcame that fear . Like no one in this world or beyond can harm me ever !

He approached and almost at the same time .. his mother held his hand and pulled him back . She was angry too but she had a  sense to behave.

Next moment, all the staff was there and guards too. They took him outside. He was angry because he felt we did not work hard to save that child . He was angry because he thought it was solely our fault . Only if he could see both the sides of the coin.

If we can put ourselves in place of others .. we can never intend to harm others

I felt bad intially heart was racing with anxiety and fear . But faith in Sai showed me how it feels to be in his place .It’s not so bad to have a look at the situation from the other side. Very few people can do this . Though my ego felt hurt but a part of me forgave him.

Focus on starting a positive momentum

There are times., When we can’t control others’ or our negative thoughts  ..but we don’t have to .

Just focus on starting a positive momentum ..positive something to divert the situation . I could think of nothing else than chanting Sai Sai at the moment . Because I knew there.. things went out of my control . Times when our words , can’t change the flow of the events others’ negativity or karma’s or whatever that is becomes so dominant over any kind of word we could say to change their mind , just start chanting the name of whom you believe in most.

People say “Don’t think too much or don’t worry ” but really sometimes the negative thoughts of ours flow unceasingly and they really doesn’t seem to be in our control. At that time ,stop focussing on how to stop the negativity but start a positive thing . It maybe lighting a lamp to you ..or chanting or just singing or dancing or writing to divert the mind .

Blood donation

Now coming on today’s incident, I went with a full mood to donate blood in a camp in our college. But, my hemoglobin came to be lower than what is essential to be able to donate. And I was sad 😓 thinking that why this happened . Why I couldn’t donate .

I came back and opened “the fakir” book to know the answers to calm my mind . And it said “Suppose there is a guy who likes to sing and he does so with full love . He is not a success in the music world but his intention is to sing lovingly . So, if you are heading towards your priority ,doing what you can to fulfill it .You are on the right track ..whatever the outcome be ..success or failure. “

I felt relieved , that I did what I could , and now I will eat good to make my Hb good till the time for next camp arrives.

So, taking leave now .. going on the night duty 😊 . I pray all the physicians be guided by positivity and feel safe doing their work honestly . I pray the patients’ relatives could see the situation from a doctor’s perspective too. I pray that people use words to convey their disappointment in a sensible manner . I pray , no one uses physical assault to justify their thinking.

He Sai ! guide us all .and be with us all .

Om Sairam ❤️😇




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