Saibaba Thursday fast and puja

I started doing Thursday fasts to give company to one of my friend back in 2009 . That time I had a very little knowledge about Saibaba. As such I was not so much devoted .

But , yes I saw wonders happening during my fasts . 🤗This built my faith over Baba. During those fasts , I felt like some power is always listening to me and doing what I am wishing for.

If you think you are stuck somewhere in your life ..or maybe just want to feel blissful ..or you are already devoted to Baba ..then let us start thursday fasts.

It will help you declutter your mind as well as body .Lately , I have been stuffing up a lot of things inside my head as well as stomach . So, it’s time to detoxify and colour my soul with Sai.



The procedure

You can start with some wish you want sai to fulfill . Having an aim in mind is a good thing , it keeps you motivated . Just make sure you do what you gotta do for the same .

Every fasting day was never the same for me , but you can make a routine as you like. You can follow rules or just your heart . Whatever you like . Baba just likes to have some love from you whatever form you give.



Lighting lamps :

When I got alot of time on hand , I did 108 lamps pooja on my Thursday fasts . If not , then doing 3 lamps puja or lemon lamps puja gave me equal bliss.

Making lemon lamps is super easy. Just cut a lemon in half and squeeze out all the juice . What you are left with ..just invert it inside out so that the hard covering of lemon is inside .Now you have a small bowl of lemon in hand. Just pour oil or ghee in it and light a lamp. It changes the aura around us . And it’s soothing to senses. 🤗

You can go through these pics to get some inspiration.

Also you can use your led lights that must be piled up somewhere from festival residuals.

Use colours from Holi .. lamps from Diwali ..and mix them with love❤️

Yes ,you can wear yellow as most people prefer .


Get creative:

If you are using alot of lamps can make a beautiful shape. Make rangoli and put lamps in between .

If you have alot of idols of Sai .. put them all in puja . Also having Sai poster on the wall behind makes it beautiful.

Sai bath

Saibaba having milk bath

I took baba’s idol and bathed him with water and milk . You can bath him with 5 things .. water , milk , ghee, honey and curd . Also mix these things in a bowl to make “charanamrit” to distribute to all at the end of the puja.

Sometimes I used to leave Baba in milk and do his photography😊.


Earlier I did puja within room but later I grew attracted towards open areas .

Also if you have Baba’s charans , you can wash his feet with milk and charanamrit. And take it later as prasad. I used to sprinkle this water of Baba’s feet in my home and give sips to everyone present there.

Don’t forget the flowers

Flowers are the soul of any kind of puja. You can use garlands or simple flowers .. different kind of flowers . I am crazy after flowers . Also use leaves and plants in pots if you have any in your home. 😍

It’s time to offer your love

So,let us start !

Here I want to tell something that I realised sometime back.I am really very choosy and arrogant too about such things . I want to do things my way and when someone does it differently I get angry. This happened with me each time I did 108 lamps puja. I got angry on my friends and my husband . But , Sai wants to see us happy doing this puja. So, keep this mistake of mine in your mind. Don’t get angry during this auspicious time. Don’t panic.Dont take alot of responsibilities on your head , otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy your time with Sai. You are doing this to enjoy his company right ! 😊

I will read this next time I will be having this puja.

Make your home safe and cheerful

Invite your close friends and anyone who enjoys such things. Get some sweets ..handmade or readymade ,the way you like . Offer them to Baba after puja.

And recite Baba’s aartis ..Here are a few links of Baba aarti. Earlier I did not know about Marathi Aarti of Baba . So, I did Hindi aartis .

This is dhoop Aarti of Saibaba (recited at Shirdi around 6-7pm ) in voice of Lata mangeshkar, link is given below👇

Dhoop Aarti Shirdi Saibaba


You can always include lord ganesha in your puja or still other form of God whom you like. . And recite their aartis too.

I liked sitting till the last lamp went off and look at the lamps and Baba with sai songs played in the back.

This puja will change the aura of your home .. and brings alot of blessings in your home your life.



There is an instance given in Sai Satcharitra that Baba asked for bengan (brinjal) kacharya once. A dish made of brinjal . So, I tried once to make it and it turned out to be delicious . I offered it as prasad to Baba . You can offer him anything you like . He would accept it with love.


The day of meeting Baba!

Baba in his lifetime met his devotees in different form . And it’s still continuing . I took this day as a day I can ask Baba to come .hehe ,I would pray saying “I don’t know about my requests in past ..but this time you have to come Sai” . Initially I could not recognise but soon I felt there would be one creature that would appear at the time of puja and sit near lamps ..and disappear after a while . And if I won’t notice him .. he would come near me and almost scare me by sitting on my head . 😅

Well Baba only knows which form would he take but he will definitely come to meet you .🤗

And yes ask your wish .. ask what you want to . Share all your worries and pains and happiness with him.

How many fasts , do I have to keep ?

You can do fasts in odd numbers .. or as many as you like. I did 9 fasts in the beginning . Later I did 21 fasts . You can do 3,5,7,9,11,21 fasts.

Make a wish

Make a wish on first Thursday . You can make a wish verbally or if you like you can keep a coin of your “mannat” inside a cloth , tie it in a knot and keep it near Baba . When you finish , use it in getting prasad .

I sometimes got some water in a spoon and told sai my wish while keeping that spoon in my hand and then poured it down on his feet as surrendering my wish in his feet.

Some people do the same with akshat (rice grains) . Do as you feel inclined to.

Finishing the last fast

It’s called “udyapan” . You can distribute eatables to poor street children or help someone in need any way you can . I used to pack some eatables my mom made at home and distributed the packets to poor people . Sometimes ,I donated cash to nearby temple where they used the money to make prasad . Do what you like and you can . It will always please Saibaba and will be done with his will only .😊

You will see your wish fulfilling soon .

There was never a wish that went unfulfilled . Yes , time period varied .But , it did come true.

If you have faith will be fulfilled !

“Ram Sada sevak ruchi rakhi ; ved puran sadhu Sur Sakhi “

राम सदा सेवक रुचि राखी। बेद पुरान साधु सुर साखी।।

Meaning : Ram / almighty always keeps his devotees likes over priority . He loves them as his own child fulfilling every wish of theirs.

हम अपने काम स्वयं करते हैं इसलिए असफल हो जाते हैं लेकिन भक्तों के काम परमात्मा स्वयं करते है इसलिए वो सफल होते ही हैं।

भगवान अपने भक्तों के प्रति मां-बच्चे के बीच जैसी करूणा रखते हैं।

I will provide all the information about Saibaba Aartis in the next page .

Love him him !

He is ever hungry for your love


Om Sairam ❤️



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