Remember your ancestors once a while – their blessings will change your life!

Remember your ancestors with Shirdi Saibaba

Hey Sai souls…today we will talk about how to” Remember your ancestors” and what effect it can have on your life.

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I hope you are doing well. One thing I couldn’t understand is ..I’m living with my husband and he is covid positive still my result is negative . Sai only knows how this can be 😅.

Anyways , I am still quarantined as per instruction of our HOD sir .

Coming to today’s topic .. I had a dream this noon .. all I am doing is sleep from yesterday 🤭. In that dream , my sister was telling me..”I can see our grand mother” (who left this world in 2008) . And I was asking her” how do you do that ..she is not alive!” communicating or contacting with other world souls.. as this world souls bore me 😂 . Just kidding .. it gets me goosebumps by such things .. otherwise I am too fattu (coward) .

Doing good in name of grandmom aka remember your ancestors

Last year I used to visit an orphanage ..just because I wanted to be a medium of something good.. to cleanse away my heap of bad karmas or whatever but later on it was hard not to fall in love with such living. Missing that now.

I learnt something then.. that we all do good things to earn something ..but after reading “the fakir” I was attracted towards the thinking of “doing good praying for our ancestors”.

I was in 11th class , my grand mom had difficulty in walking as her one leg was paralysed . She always tried to walk on her own , when we did not want her to do that ..she would try behind our back. One day , she fell and got her hand twisted . It was evening 6 pm and I was getting late to my tution. I refused to put balm on her hand just because I was angry with her , but pretended to be busy.

The “rude” me

I came back and still she asked me so politely “beta dard hora h.. Kuch laga de.” (Please put some balm dear , it’s paining) , and I remember my so cruel reply to her “No. I am busy ” and I ignored her till night. Then something inside me pushed me so hard like someone asking me “What the hell are you doing ?? Is this the way?”

It was heartbreaking .. really I can’t look in the mirror when I remember such deeds of mine.. that’s why I wanted to do something that can calm my grand mom’s soul ..wherever she is . I asked Sai what to do and he gave me an indication that whatever I’m doing .. I should do it for her. It meant , I don’t need to do something else .. just doing something good in name of her will be enough.

I started giving a chapati or eatables to dogs and cows on the street , imagining that food is reaching my grand mom . I was not having any job that time to earn my living and I was tensed , how to pay for biscuits and all.. every month.. as I am too shy asking money from my husband for such things that are my idea . He never refused or even questioned me ever but still I asked sai to help me .

Maa lakshmi supports you when you have good intentions

That night maa lakshmi came in my dream and I saw her blessing hand .It felt good but I did not get the meaning of this dream ..until I saw a message from my CS brother .. he always asks me if I have to fill the income tax return this year.. I told him I am not working anywhere . He said “what about your last year’s job? Did you get the TDS”.

I said “no” and he asked some information and told me “If everything works out right , you will get a total sum of around 10,000”. I left it on Sai and after a few days I got a message that I received a credit of 10,000 rs in my account. 😋

Remember your ancestors and get a reply soon😍

We took some fruits and eatables for the kids in the orphanage and enjoyed there with them , this time just praying for our grand moms and other elders in another world.

That night , I saw my grand mom eating something with utter excitement and she looked so happy. And the same night my husband saw his grand mom eating delicacies and enjoying them. Strange na!

Sai can do anything to make your belief stronger in good deeds.

I was so happy !


It’s not that your elders need something to give you blessings ..but remembering them once a while and doing something for their peace is good. Do what you do offering it in Sai’s feet ..and every time it will reach them definitely .

Remembering our Ancestor souls

I read something cool in “the fakir ” ..a girl praying in front of a lit diya and as she wished well for all her elders .. their souls appeared around her .. all the elders ..the ancestors of each birth gathered around her ..gleaming in golden hue of the energy created through her prayers there .. all experiencing healing . It was a beautiful scene. Though I did not see it ..I just read it but I felt more. Such powerful our prayers are!

You can watch the movie “Coco” it explains this beautifully . I loved it.

It will give a hint how to remember your ancestors.

You can go through another post here👉 Watch the world go saifull

Ok dear souls .. take rest and keep yourself healthy !

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Meet you again soon.

Om Sairam ❤️


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