Don’t worry, Sai hai na!!

This is one of my friend’s sai idol and we tried to capture a picture of both the sai ! 🤗

Om Sairam friends !

I was worrying alot a few days back ..for my life and everything.But Baba made a change and reminded me one basic thing ..

“Sai is my guide ..and he is soooo powerful and wise that a small mind like me should not worry about anything at all but living in his love.”

Yes ..we worry because we think Sai is someone who doesn’t care much ..or maybe cares about us but doesn’t have time for us ..or anything like that.Just try to listen to your mind.What does it say?

“What Baba is like”? when it makes you worry .

We need to change our basic knowledge or concept and remind our mind of all the things.. Baba did for us.Yes , when your mind forgets ..and worries..recall all the miracles ..that happened in front of you…for you..with Sai’s blessings.

Remember all the visions ..all the dreams ..all the experiences you had or heard ..ohh yess it will bring you back to FAITH IN HIM!

Remember all the things , status , relations you got through Saibaba. I am not saying this casually.

Seriously .. take a notepad or your phone and count your blessings ..write them and feel how Baba made it possible.🙏

Baba always finds time for me to feel gratitude ..for almighty ..for him.I forget but he reminds me.As, this helps to calm my mind down.

If he has done so much already ..why won’t he listen now??

And if he is here and looking out for me ..then why to worry??

This is not your life …this is his life.You are his child.A mother cares for the child , while the child is ignorant. Similarly , you and your relations ..are just for this birth..while Baba has been looking out not only for you but also for your mother, your father from sooo many lifetimes.


You don’t have to WORRY about your dear ones but PRAY for their healing.Do what you can do..but never worry at all.Your emotions affect whole world ..mostly your loved ones.So, if you keep yourself in stress will definitely be transmitted to your loved ones.On the other hand , if they are sick or tired but you don’t worry about them ..instead keep yourself calm and positive that they will be fine as they are baba’s child just like you .This positive faith of yours will make them feel good in stress too.

Sai cares for them much more than you can do.

I used to worry alot about my mother ..suddenly I found out I was not worrying about my mother ..but myself .😓

Yes, so selfish our tendency is ..we care for those the most who care for us the most.

We don’t wanna loose them because without them we will feel hurt , alone and weak. I did not care much when my mom was alright and she worked 24/7 in front of me .I did not care much ..when she asked me to do something that I did not want to.

But, suddenly I cared when she got sick ..and she was not getting out of bed .

I love my mother because she is my mother in this birth.But , this is not the case with sai.He cares because he cares. He will keep an eye on us and love us even when we are not related to him somehow. Even when we won’t remember him. Even when we won’t pray to him.

My worry for my loved ones is conditional ..but Baba’s love is unconditional.

I felt so relieved when Jaya wahi Di told in a video “I don’t worry for any of my children in orphanages ..about the money or anything for them I know I might call them my children .. but these belong to Baba the most.And, when Baba is here ..who am I to worry for them?” It’s his concern ..his worry to take care of their needs.If he cares enough , he will manage everything whichever way he has to.Why should I be bothered at all.”

What a kind of trust on Baba ..isn’t it! If he cares ..he will manage ! What the hell will I be able to do in front of the Lord of universe... especially by worrying!

Similarly , about me? Baba knows everything about me.I don’t even need to explain ..what I am feeling ..what I need and what I want.

But I do ..because my human mind finds solace in talking to him.



I find my mind so stuck on “making something happen” and it’s common for us to feel like this.But does it occur to you ..why should we be attached to only one outcome?? ..what if I don’t pass this exam ?? .what will happen??

I will do the best I can do this situation ..the situation being ..I am not able to study properly rightnow.Does Baba not know that I couldn’t study well?? Yes, he does.

Then why did he let this happen??

Because, I had to pass this phase with as much peace and trust in my heart as I can ..and this exam of passing this phase is way more important than any other academic exam of my life.

But, as my mind can not comprehend this , I was stuck on “changing the situation” to being able to study more.And this did not happen.

Ok.. now what can I do ?

1.I can worry alot that instead of trying my best in this kind of environment at home ..I will worry that I will not get through..what will people say??

2.Or, I can get angry on Sai that he did not change my situation , so I will fail now.

3.Or I will just do what I can ..I will give my exam Baba will deal with.

You can go for any option option is right or wrong.You will do what you can.

The thing to remember here is , you can pray for a particular situation to change ..pray alot ..never give up hope ..but at the same time consider it as “your lesson”.

You may ask Sai what he wants to teach you through this?? Attach yourself to the “change of either situation or YOU”. Some situations come to change us ..but we find “change” hard , so we reject it and feel awful about it.

It’s ok can pray.. to overcome this situation.

But , if nothing seems to be changing even after praying, pray that he lets you know what the purpose behind this is ? Pray that if he wishes to change some aspect of yours goes smoothly. Pray that you change and your trust on him increases day by day.Pray that you never find it hard to “change” for good ..for Sai.


We all have some weaknesses , some strengths.Baba knows it all .If it will break you apart , trust me he won’t ever let it happen.

2 years back , when I used to worry about my prepg exam ..I used to wonder about reaction of my loved ones ..and I used to cry before the actual thing happened.I couldn’t prepare properly because of certain things that occurred and brainwashed me.But, Baba knew it all.He knew I tried my best , I did not quit .I used to take his name and study as much as I can.Though I was not able to..but I opened books and tried to do what I could.This courage was given by him only.

And you know what , what I feared the most ..never happened.

No one made fun of me one scolded me and called me “stupid” or “a failure”.

I had this past impression from the time I failed in PMT exam in my first attempt that mom would surely make a scene out of my failure.My elder brother will torture me through his comments “That I can go and jump into a well” .Yah , everything from that time had a deep negative impact on my heart. And I was not able to discard away these memories .

But this time , I saw my mom was so concerned about me .. she said “it’s ok , if you could not pass can try again.”

My brother came and saw me crying ..and said “So what ? It did not happen are still a doctor.Don’t loose hope .Try again.”

I was literally amazed at their reaction.I had forgiven myself for not being able to study.But, I feared “other people”. And Baba showed me “my dear ones” too have Sai inside them.They are not so bad ..they are not the same they were. They understand me alot better than I thought.

You might not get through , you might not get what you want and need.But, please don’t ever forget that you have the greatest treasure of this world .. Baba Sai with you.

So what you couldn’t show the world that you are good enough ? Where is the need to show this?

So what you couldn’t make yourself happy? Don’t you trust Sai that he has a right timing.

If you fear other people ..he will not let them hurt you !

Ohh darling he knows it ..what you can handle, what not ..and he will make it so easy for you ..that you never imagined.

Your life will be such a blessing!


I was worried about getting into Pg 2 years back.I couldn’t make it through in my first two attempts.And I wondered , why this happened even when I am devoted to Sai ?

But look at me now..

I feel so thankful to Sai that he got me into Pg this year ..not before than that.


Our seniors tell us stories about “their first year” when they were not able to eat, sleep or bathe properly.They ate at night with tears flowing from their eyes.2 out of 10 seniors ran away dropping Pg ..each year.The remaining managed it ..on antidepressants ..alcohol or crying out daily.They worked in fever , even after accidents.. worked in psychotic state of mind.They passed the first year ..more of like hell.

I always had a dream to serve children who can’t find someone to take care of them.I still have this in mind.

So,Baba had already took pediatrics into my destiny.And living in hell was not possible for me.He knows I am not able to handle such stress.

If I entered Pg before this year , I would have gone through the same ..and I most probably would have dropped it.

This year is quite different I already mentioned in my earlier posts.There is lesser work load and smoother environment.

Baba kept this in mind and he chose the perfect timing for me.He is incredible.You will certainly get a glimpse of his wisdom.

It will make you feel awe.🥰


I remember an incident that happened with a devotee.The devotee was worried about his future and he asked Baba “Are you even bothered about me sai ?”

In a way he asked “do you care about me enough, that you think about my future”

Baba came in his dream ..he was carrying his “jholi” and he took out a book..and showed it to the devotee.He asked “what is it Baba?”

Sai replied “You read my satcharita that is my biography and I read your satcharita ..your biography and always keep looking as to what needs to be done now?”

The devotee was filled with love ..he felt how much Baba cares ..He literally carries a million satcharita of his million devotees in his jholi and keeps an eye on them because he knows’s his duty to take care of them.

His words are infallible.

He never breaks his promise.

Read the 👉 11 vows of Sai ..his 11 promises that he never breaks! He literally gave all of him in these promises.

So, don’t worry be happy. Your life is set .You will have a peaceful life.. I promise.Baba Sai will keep you happy..and make you a superb human being.He works on us according to our will.He knows how much stress you can handle and he will never ever let you break apart..never.

If it’s taking time ..

Trust me..if he wants you to wait .. he is making your path easier and smoother.

I pray for all of us live in his love.. Trusting him more than we do already.

Atlast, come along and repeat these Reiki principles with me ..🤗

I am sorry if I sent any negative energy towards anyone.

I forgive those who intentionally or unintentionally sent some negative energy towards me.

I thank you lord for providing me with beautiful body , mind , soul , food, relations and facilities.I thank you for your amazing nature around me. 🥰

I pray for all to live in peace and abundance.I pray for all to heal of their pain.😊

Keep us in your feet deva.We don’t want anything else.

(Ohh I am lying ..I want pizza 🤭)

Keep smiling ..and spreading your love.🥰

Om Sairam ❤️


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