Baba Sai shows you the “result” beforehand and proves “Everything is possible with Sai” !

Hey friends ..I wrote three-four posts in a row to make up for my absence from so long.🤭How are you doing ..let me know in the comment section.I pray for you all to stay happy and healthy.😘

Baba Sai knows our deepest desires and passions ..and I found , each time I wished to get something ..he showed me the end result and made this belief of mine solid “everything is possible”.

For example , when I started meditation.. I was so enthusiastic about it as I felt so heavenly like never before .I actually felt like drunk ..I used to laugh without any reason ..a blissful feeling kept drenching me as whole.I never felt this cool by anything else before.I can’t explain it exactly .. you have to feel it yourself, to know it.😋

The thing is I got that feeling for a week only ..after that meditation grew easier but that blissful feeling was not that strong anymore.I asked Baba “Am I meditating wrong baba..that you took away that feeling.Maybe I am.” He questioned me back “Are you meditating for getting that being drunk feeling or me?”😅

He mostly answers by questioning me back ..and this brings these words in my mind ..

“A teacher answers your questions ..while a guru questions your answers”

So, back to the topic .. I wanted to know about the feeling that “Buddha” felt during nirvan.

How it felt to feel a leaf falling is falling outside but within it feels sai! And that very night ..Baba made me feel the same thing .. I felt that indescribable feeling just in the dream..I could not remember the feeling ..when I woke up. Later on, Baba came in my dream and said “Don’t worry about transformation or nirvan”.

It’s like a dream hear some words ..but you understand a lot more..that dream taught me “how it should not matter to me reach that state ..but to enjoy the road towards it. ” Baba shows us the ultimate destination and the feeling we get after reaching there but at the same time enforces the necessity to enjoy the ride.

Baba uses dreams to show such things ..which can’t be felt during the time when our mind is so powerfully active.I read somewhere .. we understand about spirituality when we enter in 4th dimension. Our mind usually keeps us in 3rd dimension.So, it’s so hard for someone living in 3rd dimension to perceive what can only be perceived in 4th dimension.Meditation and devotion are the keys to open up to 4th or 5th dimension.

Have you wondered why do we live thinking about future! Because its so hard to enjoy the present ..and that’s what Baba want us to know..and learn.How each step is taken in present..determines where our future will be.

I have a passion for singing .. I started working on that and asked Baba will I be able to sing beautifully like these famous singers ever? And he showed me a dream ..where I was singing a “Charlie puth” song so beautifully that I could hardly believe it was me (even in the dream).😅 That’s Baba showing ..if you work on this, taking small steps towards it ..nothing is impossible for you.

In the same way, I asked “If I will be selected in prepg exam” he showed me.. I am working in children ward (which manifested two months ago into reality).

Ohh ..anything is possible for you ..if only, you.. really.. desperately want it.. so much that you can do anything that Baba says.For me higher self is “Baba Sai”.I am easily misguided by my mind and impressions .So, I can not easily trust my instincts.Its just Sai who built his voice inside me trust.

Similarly Didi wanted to see “bholenath” with her own eyes and asked “will that ever be possible that I see him sai?”

And she saw bholenath in all his bright aura .. the crescent moon over his head.. the snake around his neck ..the smell of bhashm around him ..and his divinely smile.. that she felt so weak to even look at him.And a sound said “This point will come ..if you dedicate yourself enough to him”.🥰 She was not able to wake up at 4am and Sai told her ..if you will be so dedicated to discard your sleep , you will get him.

🤭Sai knows how lazy we are he gives us the option “to become active on your own” or “I will handle it my way”.

I was told by so many people “You sleep too much”.It hurts ..still hurts😅 ..but on a deeper level I smile stupidly ..because I know it’s Sai in the form of other people.. telling me “to sleep less”.Not because he has got some problem with me taking rest..but because sleep and hunger have been the greatest weaknesses of mine ..and these will work as barriers in the path towards Sai.

I found myself always trying to wake up early but I was able to do this for only 2days in a month.3 months ago,I was once talking to Sai in my sleep during early morning ..”Please Baba let me sleep ..for one more hour.” And he said “ok , you sleep now .. Rest for a few more weeks you lazy creature ..then I will do it my way.”

Though I was terrified with his words .. but I smiled because I knew he would put me into a hectic branch to halt my sleep pattern.🤭

Hearing him ..I got the remembrance of the story of Saibaba telling his devotee about mahalsapati and his sleep..when Sai was asked if he wants to sleep on a wooden plank again , he said he doesn’t sleep alone ..mahalsapati sleeps with him. “Then I will bring two wooden planks for each of you.” the devotee said.

“Ohh you think it’s that easy to sleep on a plank hanging in the air. When I sleep here on the ground, I ask Mahalsapati to put his hand over my heart and listen to my chant , and wake me up if the chanting stops.What happens then .. instead I wake him up when I start feeling his hand getting heavy over my chest.The one who can’t balance at ground because of his sleep would he sleep on a plank.”😂

When mahalsapati ji couldn’t control his sleep ..what a creature like me can do Baba .😅

My sleep and me ..we will talk about it later on ..

All these dreams and visions lead to just one truth..

Small steps make big dreams come true.”

You don’t have to think about “the whole year of study” or “hardwork”.. you don’t have to think “what will happen the next day” .. just be cool and enjoy NOW.

I hear voices from my past conditionings.. which want me to stop living in present.

When I laugh too much it says “don’t laugh so much will cry later.”

Ohh.. these voices make you judge yourself everything you do.But only if Sai has embedded this deep in your heart ..”These voices are nothing but past impressions repeating themselves.. they challenge your present decisions ..they will ask you to live in fear.” You don’t pay a heed towards them.Let them be .Don’t act upon them.When they will find they are not able to change your steps .. they will grow weaker. (I won’t say they will be gone forever.)

TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN ..YOU DON’T HAVE TO KEEP LOOKING AT THE PEAK ..IT WILL MAKE YOU FALL.INSTEAD YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON YOUR STEPS .Just focus on each step you take ..each day you live..each thing you do it with purest of intention and you will automatically get the strength to carry on and reach there in time.Yah , you can take a glance at the peak ,once in a while, to see how much more you have to go.

I was so good at enjoying a moment ..only when I was happy in that moment.Most of us do that.But, we try to run away from present if it doesn’t give us the happy feeling.And this brings.. one more lesson to practice.


There is a wrong impression on our mind ..that we need to be happy , elated all the time ..and if we are not ..then there is something wrong with us.

If only we knew..

You don’t need to have an cloud no. nine feeling all the time ..but if you are okay with yourself will be okay with everyone else.Sai made me feel ok when I was crying .. I had tears in my eyes and I was feeling sad but a place inside me was feeling calm that ” I am playing the sad role so perfectly” ..I don’t have to stop my tears.

It sounds so weird I know, but it’s such a different feeling .. playing the role and feeling cool with your own sadness ..stepping aside from the situations and seeing them as an observer.Not judging yourself.. not judging anyone else.You will still feel sad ..but you will be accepting your tears as it is,and you will know these feelings are just for a while..but you are forever.

May Sai gives us strength to do that ..the desire to love in each moment of our life.To do whatever we do ..WITH LOVE ..IN LOVE..and Baba’s love is the source of infinite strength and peace.To live a single day fully ..enjoying the present moment ..enjoying the sadness as well as the happiness.

Love you all ..take care ..keep your hearts alive .❤️

Whatever happens ..Sai hai to Sab thik hai!😋

Write to me on my email (you can visit my contact page) and also I wanna appreciate my dearest friend Amit to continue his work so sincerely “posting daily messages” .I am so thankful.😊

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Khuda Hafiz (may God be your guardian)

Gudnight…Om Sairam😊


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