Pain is a kind of high!

Hey my sweetmost readers and Sai souls.. I am a little disoriented nowadays I don’t know what to write.But this is nothing new soon as I start to write I will get a lot of thoughts to share with you.It’s rarely pre planned.

I am feeling drowsy and I am in hospital right now .

You know exhaustion is too much ..but I have noted and Sai can make me feel romantic in pain and tiredness too.I feel the pain and smile realising how much Baba loves me that he served me pain in such a beautiful way that it tastes better than any kind of comfort.

Your devotion to Sai can literally make you a crazily happy and satisfied person…doesn’t matter in which condition you are won’t ever stop saying thank you Baba ..and smiling in his love.I am getting leg cramps in night nowadays I forget to have enough water during the day.I cried in pain earlier but last night I felt like Baba is holding my leg tightly ..nothing else is happening.And the cramp felt much lighter.Baba is too awesome.🥰

The day you realise there is just sai ..everywhere will feel so less frustrated with anybody or anyone.As you will see actions of others as baba’s will feel words of others as baba’s words.Again too hard to do this without faith.I am no one who could ever do this but the faith itself is a gift .This isn’t a one time will keep forgetting and will be reminded again..and it will keep happening.

So, keep your cool are awesome are fine are good.No worries disappointments.

I am thankful that he gave me these situations such a pretty way.He handles everything himself.He knows my tolerance and tries to make it limitless.He knows my transitions ..and tries his hard to keep me “accepting” .

I am selfish ..I desire alot of things ..I need love too.I expect too.But now and then he reminds me body can ever fulfill my thirst for love or attention these are like “mirage” .The actual thirst is “true love” …The true SAI love.

Keep singing “Tu pyar Ka Sagar hai” ..he will keep pouring the nectar of his so pious love over us.And don’t worry about the nights you lost your sleep or the tears your cheeks witnessed…the cuts your hands suffered..or the aches your body had…the torture is already a blessing…and Sai will soon make you realise this as deeply as you can.And then there will be just Sai Sai Sai Sai.

Will meet you soon with some more stuff…

Om Sairam ❤️😇


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