Tie a Rakhi to Shirdi Saibaba

My husband tied a rakhi to baba’s wrist today🥰

Hey guys ..it’s been two long days of duty and today I got some time to write a new post.😇

I pray for your well being.😊

Saibaba never leaves to help me out in conditions where I tend to give up or run away.I have felt weak and teary in times when I had to do something new.. alone.This Post Graduation duty is that kind of task for me.😄

Sai Baba gave me a message this year before result..


I knew it in my heart.. how I am..so I was scared of this kind of lifestyle where I can’t find time for anything except work and sleep.And that is the reason Baba indicated me this.Though we pray for our selection in our desired exam/field but what happens after that ..isn’t always what we want.

Surprisingly, due to covid situation ..there is lesser load of patients in our pediatric wards ..that means lesser work load.And due to posting of 4-5 residents in the same unit ..the work is less hectic. And I can’t thank Baba enough to mold situations in my favour as he knew how I am and what I can handle.. what not.

Sai is amazing ..he can plan your life soo beautifully ..better than you yourself can.

SAI IS IN EVERYONE ..once again!

I was somewhat upset yesterday as some senior told me angrily that I won’t be able to handle things.Yah ..it hurts when someone rebukes us.But, there is a kind of deeper acceptance in me.. nowadays.. just because of Baba.

He makes me accept the situation and understand the person who hurt me anyhow.Yes I get angry and I shout at them in my mind 😅 but after a few minutes I realise ..they are maybe paying my hatred back to me to teach me an important lesson to be compassionate towards everyone .


Baba never leaves you alone when you are about to cry. Take it for sure ..HE WILL COME IN ANY FORM WHETHER IT BE YOUR FRIEND OR MAYBE A STRANGER WHO WILL CHEER YOU UP BY GIVING LOVE.

I was about to cry yesterday hehe yes on the second day itself 🤭 and my co Pg suddenly came inside the duty room and asked me “are you alright?” I am still amazed how she entered at the same time a thought crossed my mind “Baba you promised me you will always be with me..now where are you because I am not able to feel your love rightnow.” Imagine ..someone almost a stranger who doesn’t know what’s going on inside your mind ..asks you with concern “are you alright.”

I felt Baba’s love so abundantly in that moment.It can flow towards you from anyone ..if you are willing to see Baba in everyone.Ohh.. he has not gone anywhere ..he is within you.But if you can’t feel him ,just tell him how you feel and he will provide you the ” two drops for survival” ..the drops which carry a whole ocean of pure ceaselessly flowing love within.

I found out.. he selected the superb people for me even in my Pg.And there will be some “shouting” people always in my life ..to remind me where I stand ..to let me shed away my ego .But if that hurt becomes too much Baba surely gives me the larger picture where I can see the importance of all in my life .And makes me taste love through some sweet people.😊❤️

I worry alot ..about somethings.. specially I am always scared of people who misunderstand me.YOU WILL DO YOUR BEST ..STILL SOMEONE WILL MISUNDERSTAND YOU OR BLAME YOU SUPPOSING “YOU ARE BEING LAZY OR IGNORANT “in your work or maybe at home.Yes.. it’s too much sometimes ..and I wanna slap such people too😅.

But the main thing is ..it’s ok. If you see this insult as an injection which is painful but beneficial for you ..you will feel at peace.Be angry ..or cry ..let your emotions flow out towards sai .But don’t let yourself drown in them.How to do this? I really don’t know ..but the awareness that “YOUR FEELINGS ARE NOT YOUR REALITY AND YOU CAN BE ANGRY OR SAD.YOU DON’T NEED TO CONTROL THEM OR LET YOURSELF TOTALLY DROWN INTO THEM” ..this awareness comes automatically when you keep chanting “SAI SAI SAI SAI” everytime you remember to chant.It happens on its own ..there is no schedule or procedure to follow to develop inner peace.Just chant the name of one whom you are devoted to. “YOUR MASTER WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH HIS WISDOM AND STRENGTH.”

I am tying Rakhi to Baba from a few years ..but today I couldn’t .So, my husband tied it for me today.😊 Actually.. Baba is the greatest brother too as he protects us in every situation.

Don’t feel that he isn’t listening ..he is.Just ask him to show you his love ..and you will feel overwhelmed .FEAR ..ANGER ..SADNESS ..EVERYTHING IS FINE..YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM FEELINGS ..JUST GIVE IT TO SAI WHEN YOU GO TO SLEEP.

Awareness doesn’t mean you be in control all the time ..you will forget the “SAI WAY” alot of times but at the end of the day ..don’t let any hurt reside inside you.While saying good night to Baba ..let it really be a good night for Baba😊 .As your heart is where Sai resides ..so watch out for any hatred who tries to drive Baba away from your heart.

Let it be healed and sleep in his arms ..with your Rakhi tied on them.😍

Om Sairam 🥰

Keep smiling in the worst situations too.This life is a drama and play your role as beautifully as you can.😊

People might think you are crazy ..but let us be called whatever.In Baba’s love..it will always be an honour.❤️🥰


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