Turn your pain into struggle

Turn your pain into struggle
I have heard these words many times in movies
and they always inspired me.
But its like everyone tells us WHAT to do and rarely we know HOW to do it.
 I can show you my perception about it.

Contrast is necessarry

See how this headline stands out.
As it is bold and black.
Likewise the pain may stand out in your life ..you may feel like it is always there ..but it has a reason.
You must have seen a beautiful picture often has right amount of contrast in it.
So is our life .
The contrast of pain and pleasure is necessary.
I have always heard it ..but I could understand it only when I went through dark hours.
If we get overdose of pleasures we grow arrogant or lazy or maybe a mundane organism thinking about oneself ..own life.
If we get overdose of pain ..we go into depression.
A balanced combo of both makes our life fresh.

Pain is inevitable..

 but suffering is willful

Your life will always hand pain to you ..but how you deal with it, is totally your choice.

It doesn’t mean you can turn off the pain but yes..you can turn off the suffering.
Its totally your choice ..
To let pain make you an angel or a devil..
Let me tell you the story of “Dark knight” (Batman) movie.
The hero lost his parents at a tender age.
He saw his parents being murdered right in front of him.
Whereas in contrast we talk about the famous negative character “the joker” ..he went through a hard childhood ..no food to eat ..no father to take care of him and a sick deliriant mother with him.
Both had difficult life.. but survived.
When you survive ..you had the horrible most experience.. which obviously was out of your control.
But after that ..what you choose to turn into depends on you.
You will get similar sources on the way.
If you want to be the batman you will get people who will make you that.
If you want to be the joker ..you will get enough fans to support your joker aspect.
But its on you always.
Turn your pain into struggle… for others …
not into suffering for yourself and others too.
I know how classy the joker looks ..and all the tragedies he went through.
I have empathy and respect for that character ..but I will never be inspired from him as finally his choices made him who he was.
Pain is not to be blamed on the world when you yourself chose suffering.
Yes ..its hard.
But your perception “its not in your control” will make you suffer so much that you forget the pleasure part of your life.
It will never be in your control if you play “the victim” role.
You will be a victim of your past forever if you don’t get up and say “I have the power to change my story ..to change my pain into a blessing”.

Pain gives you purpose

I always felt like I am called here for a greater purpose ..to do something good to whole mankind.(I still feel)
But when pain travelled inside the coach of my life and bit me ..left me with its bitter scary venom I was too overwhelmed and down.
I fainted and lost the track of time ..I felt like its never gonna end.
Here nothing else but faith will help ..help you grow out of your ordeals ..and see life by taking a step back.
All I thought was my life ..my career ..my family before I have known pain.
Pain provides you the bigger purpose.
What that thing taught me?
Why this happened with me?
Discard the gloomy options ..of me being unlucky or the person is a devil who did this to me.
Though this may be a relative truth.
But it doesn’t really matter..you know.
Blame the person ..curse them whole your life but it won’t wipe away the pain.
Trust me I have tried everything…
1.I cursed them ..though it made me happy for a few seconds but I still couldn’t be relieved off the pain.
2.Tried to see the good aspect by thinking that the person is good at deeper level .
Now this step doesn’t seem possible but Sai made me try this too.
And it changed that person alot into a better one.
But still it couldn’t get me out of those painful memories.
3.Lastly I made my pain an aim to help people still going through the worst phases..and yes it might not cleanse away whole my soul off the pain but it helped me to feel awesome carrying those scars.
So, for once stop your repeated behaviour ..and see beyond your “normal” perception.. and I am sure it will give your life a meaning.
(Its not so easy but its worth it)

Pain connects us

Baba Sai made me such that I feel connected to the souls who feel broken and lost.
And when I see a shattered soul I feel like I have to fix him/her.
Pain has always made me feel connected to the people who were lost like I was once.
(or I still am🤔)
And I believe.. we all connect at some deeper level to those who have gone through the same experiences as us.

You have to love people

If you really want to turn your pain into peace ..you have to love people.
(trust me its a choice too)
You have to rise above your pain first.
Cling to the firm support of the people whom you can trust ..to God or guru ..to the people who inspire you from distance.
Rise above the mundane existence.
When Baba Sai asked his guru “How do you come to help me everytime I am in trouble ?”
The guru answered “When you will walk this path , the voices of people who need you.. will definitely reach you no matter where they are..my child”
When you are ready to give your pain a meaning ..you will automatically come across people who need you.
And that time ..don’t go back to becoming “small” again ..you are much more than you think you are.
A few words of yours can heal a whole person..or I can say your few words can give a new life to a person.
For that you have to believe ..that you are love yourself.


And help those who can’t help you back as it will make you humble.
You will be able to love people truly and will reach out to them without expecting anything in return.
Why not I was the one who got help in time??
Think again ..you have got help otherwise you won’t be here.
Be it through anyone.. be it just yourself.
Situations that let you know…you are enough, are the ones that make you the strongest.
Why should I think of others when I myself am empty??
You are never empty ..you are just feeling empty.
Take your time ..take time to heal those wounds to an extent that they don’t encumber your will to help.
Heal that pain..
And then think about it ..if you really want your suffering to get meaningful ..give it a reason.
We have heard giving too much causes pain ..but it does not.
..actually the expectations bring pain.
(I have tried both)
Thats why I specified to help those whom you never expect anything in return from..
this will turn off the notifications from “expectation”.
It may be people ..or animal kingdom ..anyone who can get love through you.
Help like you are doing yourself a favour.
Yes ..the more you help people ..the higher you soar .
I am not talking in terms of material things ..yes you will have them but most important is the true happiness.. true peace.
Once you taste the real peace and happiness ..you will never go back to your “normal” life.
I am sharing my pain ..showing you all my beautiful scars and I feel peace within ..as I believe if my intention is love it will definitely reach people who are in need.
Let my pain be your cure.
Let my struggles be your inspirations.

Let Sai heal others through me.

Don’t feel ashamed of being wrong in the past or being fooled by people or being hurt..
Carry and show your scars as if they are the most valuable earning of your life.
We all have scars ..instead of hiding them.. dare to let love flow through them that it will metamorphosize you into an angel.
Yes.. you are an angel darling
People who can turn their pain into a struggle to bring out a beautiful change for the whole world reach Godhood.

My life and pain

I got injured twice.
I couldn’t walk properly as I had a wound in my left leg.
It was tough but one thing is sure.. I learnt how it feels when we don’t have a properly working limb.
We take this body for granted and suddenly we feel the pain of people who don’t have it whole.
And it made me respect them more.
I had heartbreaks but it made me more compassionate and vigilant and ofcourse closer to Sai.
I had failures ..but it made me humble.
I could see how in past ,I judged people who failed.
I thought they don’t give their best ..that’s why they couldn’t succeed.
And when I myself had that situation where I couldn’t focus my mind, at all ,on studies…then I could know how if feels.
I had abuse and I could feel how people suffer at the hands of “powerful” people.
And it made me speak ..it made me aware that I never forget those feelings which made me alive.
Alive because now I know I have to live a life that anyone who comes across me ..feels the signature of Sai in my soul.
(Getting the sai tattoo😍 ..to know about it read the post 👉 Who is Sai)
You might like to watch the video of Mahabharat where Shri Krishna teaches this twice through Draupadi and Karn.
When Draupadi asks how to deal with the pain of the insult of her modesty,he tells her ..
“Don’t see your pain in this situation..just see the pain of all the women that already have or might will go through the same pain like you because the “power” was in the hands of such evil minded people.
Hate not the Duryodhan but hate that idea where woman is considered a “thing” to be used.”
Then only I came to know that is the difference between revenge(personal pain) and struggle.
You can change this world through your pain converted into love for others.
It might be that next time you meet a person who is sad ..let them know that you are here.
Or maybe you can smile when someone seems dim.
Or maybe just lend a helping hand when someone is tired.
Or let the animals visiting you feel your aura to be touched with a tinge of love.
And the biggest blessing would be if you start changing your thinking towards people ..towards pain.😍
You can let me know how you perceived your pain differently than just as a suffering.
Let your words help people ..strong people who need you because they feel weak.
Check out my similar post 👇
             Small deeds and large  impact
See you again.
Stay safe..
Sai blessings
Allah malik😇
Om sairam😊

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