Small deeds large impact

Small good deeds have large impact

Om Sairam friends❤

Talking about small good deeds..
..I read Saibaba said that we should help others ..not just people but all the beings of the world.
But I was not actually getting the meaning of these words of Baba.
I knew charity is good but I had this fantasy of helping people on a large scale I am donating goods to people and there are news headlines about me doing that.😂
I waited ..and kept saying to myself “I would definitely do something good once I get my own money.”
I tried to save money for charity in my MBBS but couldn’t do much.
Ten years of Sai devotion and nothing news “me” on the streets helping people.😪
Delve deeper
We can change any aspect of our life if we think about it.
It seems we are living in a “reflex mode” ..if something happens ..happens but we never care to reflect our lives ..our thoughts ..our behaviour patterns..the changes we need to do for a better version of “us”.
When Saibaba enters your life .. he surely brings with him a lot of “self reflection” gadgets for you.
So you can’t let life “be what it used to be”.
When he made me reflect my desire to be helpful to people ,I noted I had spent so many years just thinking that I will do this ..I will pass this or that exam and then I will help people.
But nothing ever happened.
Its just like we are wishing to cross a river after it has flown away completely.
We think ..let this phase pass ..let this day pass and I will do charity when I will get time on my hand.
Once I get this job I will start charity. 
Once I get this status ..I will help people.
And we actually think that it will happen someday….but actually what happens is we realise that the life has flown away there is no power ,no money, no time left for any charity.
Jaya wahi di once again opened my eyes in this matter.
(To know about her read 👉 Saibaba is still alive .)
She explained “how naive we are ..we wait for certain things to happen to start doing good..while reality is you don’t even know if you will be alive.. the very next moment .”
Focus on NOW
Baba told me to focus on “small good deeds” we can do rightnow ..through Jaya wahi di.
As she said “If you can’t give a small packet of biscuits to a stray dog rightnow ..reason be the lack of time or money or whatever excuse we give will you be able to do something big in future which isn’t even promised if you have a future”
My mind thought of charity to show people that I am doing such a generous task that’s why I was focussing on the “big deeds” which seemed nearly impossible for me without a job.
But Baba told me ..”its not about the amount you spend” but “the intention and love ” behind it.
Small good deeds are what I needed to do.
And small deeds don’t get recognition.
So, to start charity ,first of all you need to assess your “intention” or “priority”.
Are you doing it for PRAISE from people or maybe GETTING SOMETHING IN RETURN or just because you want to make your guru proud..rightnow.
The last intention is the most sacred one but I will say don’t do nothing if you have any other intention.
As we always start with some selfish intentions (me too) and end up giving unconditional love.
Secondly focus on NOW.
If you are reading this blog ..I assume you to be well efficient to do “small charity”.
We can do little things anytime if we really want to.
Purpose behind charity
If our purpose is love won’t need
anything else to become the happiest person on the Earth…if for you happiness is “being closest to Saibaba/God”.
When we do small things with love they become great things.


Saibaba inspired me to connect to an orphanage and donate food last year ..later it became a habit to go there monthly.
 I found out ..people donating food to those children were many but people spending time with them were a few and the children always craved for us to visit again..”Vapas kab aoge didi” in their sweet voice they used to ask.
 And when I asked them “what do you want the next time” ..they stared at me dumbfounded like its an “out of course” question..and when they opened up to me they would say  “just come didi
“. Yah there was a kid who always had something new to ask for ..hehe😄.. but most of them were so happy meeting us.
My imaginations of children craving chocolates and ice creams turned out to be illusions .. I found out how those children craved for “love” not sweets or goodies.
Since then ..time and efforts are the greatest charity for me.
There innocent and sometimes crazy questions always made me laugh and smile .They asked about anatomy of stomach ..what is spleen? And all those questions ..going through the encyclopedia book with us.😄
There curiousity made me think how much potential they hold to create a new tomorrow for themselves as well as others.
Types of charity
Those who are into scriptures must have read the types of charity.
I won’t give those details know it already.
Annadan(offering food) is considered the most holiest one.
Baba ,his whole life,taught his devotees the various “dans” ..he used to go on a round for bhiksha in shirdi.
He used to ask for money from a few devotees whom God pointed out.
He also got mostly all of his local devotees into taking care of travellers who came to shirdi for Baba’s darshan.
Baba himself ..offered the food being collected.. to all the beings which came there..and distributed the money to his devotees too.
Baba doing his small good deeds


Its time that we follow in his footsteps.
Let him feel that we listen to him.
You can start now
This article will be successful if you start doing little things from now on.
(My writing won’t go in vain🤩)
Charity is a lifestyle not an act done on occassions only.
Its good if you do it on occassions like birthday ,new year but “love” is never occassional in our life so how can charity be fine if its occassional.
You have to incorporate it into daily life.
I can tell you my schedule if it inspires you.
Or you can innovate new ideas to help people day to day.
Sai makes me to serve water and biscuits for birds..then to the dogs in street.
It takes just 1 or 2 biscuit packets..  a jug of water ..and my 10 minutes daily.
My husband started to offer water to the online delivery people in last summer.(can’t do it now ..corona times)
Wheat flour to ants ..and a monthly visit to orphanage.
Or you can share feedbacks and reviews of the items purchased online(trust me it helps people alot)
Or just send some positive vibes to a person in need through your loving words.
Sharing books ..especially related to Saibaba with people around me.. and those sweet children.
(I didn’t know ..they are just like me ..they love books alot)
Sending small gifts as gesture of love for your loved ones.
If you go out to jog or to office you can take biscuit packets with you ..and feed the animals you come across.
Believe me it makes a huge difference in everyone’s life.
The biscuits cut out the evil
I became a lazy creature and started to neglect doing these daily things.
Saibaba resolved this by showing me “the waiting doggies ” in my visions during meditation.
And when I obeyed him ..he showed me a dream ..where some evil ghosts (depression..lazyness..anger) were running behind me to catch me but they couldn’t as I threw out biscuit packets and they got busy in collecting those.
Thus he showed me how I was helping myself by such things.
I thought “Baba I will do these things after my exam is over”.
And he would say again and again “These things are necessary for you to pass your life tests .You do this and I will do my duty to help you out.If you can’t pass your life’s tests.. how will you pass this exam”.
 And thanks to him that he caught me by the collar each time I grew indifferent and made me pass the life test(the exam too).
Still I neglect sometimes but again ” Sai hai na” ..he gets me back on the track sooner or later.
As per my experience if you really wanna do something good he will provide you with the money ..the strength ..the “mood” and ofcourse the “opportunity” too.
If you find yourself thinking ..should I do this or not ..ask him directly.
Never hesitate.
Trust “your guru” knows ..
“what you should do” 
better than “your mind”.
And you heard me in the last post ..
“The road to Saibaba goes through other beings”.
He never stops blessing us with his love .. let his love shine onto others through us and never cease to do so.
Share your ideas of small good deeds with me.😊
..if I can get some more into my routine.
If you are into this charity lifestyle already ..then my wishes for you to never stop.❤
Stay safe while helping others in this time of pandemic.


Sai blessings ..
Keep smiling😊
Om sairam😇

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