Saibaba is our saviour

Baba is the only Saviour
Saibaba idol and his marble charan


Saibaba has made me realise many times that I shouldn’t expect too much support from just a few people.
He didn’t mean ..I should start rejecting any help that comes my way.
If I grew too close and dependent on someone, he made me see that they are as helpless as me.
They can’t help me or rescue me always.
They can’t do everything..everytime.
He meant to say they are not superman.(even he couldn’t help everyone).🤭
Similarly, he knocked me on with a truth..”you are not superman either, so don’t feel bad when you can’t help everyone.”
I will make your imagination more vivid with examples.
That’s what I am here for.. right!!😊 
When I fell in love, I expected my boyfriend to be magically everywhere I needed him.
But actually what happened was ..he was rarely somewhere I needed him.😅(unintentionally)
I couldn’t understand ..why was I alone at such time.
Why was he so faar when I needed him.
Saibaba showed me, there was one or another person always there besides me..doing their bit.
Yes I had my friends with me.
But I expected only HIM.. everywhere.
Well this was my problem ..expecting too much from a single relation..overburdening it.
Isn’t this what happens with us.
We get a life partner and we want to fill the hole in our heart with his/her love.
But sooner or later we all realise nobody can fill that emptyness of yours..but you.
Nobody except your “divine you” can give you the magical surreal feeling that you crave for.
And that’s what Saibaba kept revealing to me again and again.
It doesn’t mean you will be left alone.
No, you will get enough help and strength from people around you ,only if you let yourself get out of that “resistant mode”(like I was in)
“I need HIM JUST HIM not anybody else”.
Sai taught me every relation has a role to play in our lives.
So,give them a piece of trust and try not to over attach yourself to a single person.
As it will make you addicted and make him/her suffocated.
Saibaba was teaching me “detachment”.(I didn’t even know what it was)
Now the vice versa case..when I used to help someone too much ,some part of me told “this is not the way you help people.”
I lent my notebooks to my friends when they needed to finish their pending work in school.
But eventually it became a habit.. now all they wanted was my notebooks to JUST COPY the home work not to understand the sums.
I was not good at saying “no” (I still am not)
But something inside me always said “you are making them weak ..its not help ..its addiction”
I tried to help them know” how to do their work themselves” but it looked like they didn’t considered my advice instead started calling me “egoistic” for not letting them copy the work.
Similar things keep happening in my life and I didn’t notice it until Baba pointed in that direction.
The dream realisation
When I craved for my family and my lover to help me and when I couldn’t share what I was feeling to anyone else (as I was too afraid of being judged), Sai baba told me “no body can save me from this…that is why they are away, unaware to your situation.”
He blessed me with a dream.. I was with my family and a snake came at me with his hood..trying to bite me .
It looked poisonous and scary,
I tried to hide and run away but he was just behind me each time I looked.
I saw all my family members were there but nobody was doing anything.
It felt like they didn’t consider it as a” big deal”.
I was shouting for help ..crying and they seemed totally indifferent.😂
And then I suddenly remembered that I have a superhero on my shoulder then why was I looking for help from others.
I started crying “Sai.. please help Baba ..come and save me from this snake.
I don’t wanna die”
The next scene brought a cat over that snake and she killed it immediately.
And finally I was relieved.
The whole truth
He has a wonderful technique to make us see some harsh truths of life,
because we keep running from them.
But its ok.. they need not be harsh if we trust Saibaba is with us always.
Now this truth if not understood with all its aspects gets too black and white as we start to see everyone else as “not strong enough to help us”.
“If they can’t save me why should I care about them??”
Well because there is another truth…
  “Saibaba is in everyone.
You will be saved by Saibaba doesn’t mean he will come there in his “fakir form”.
He can come but why waste time taking a virtual body when he has so many bodies already harbouring Sai in them.
So, he will help through people but not necessarily the one or two persons whom you keep looking around for.
Means he will help you in form of your mother someday ..or brother some other day ..or your husband ..or maybe your colleague.. a stranger ..a celeb ..or just yourself if you feel you are weak.. to show you that you are much more than this.
When help comes in a form of advice
He will definitely help but for that to happen have to be OPEN to RECEIVE help.
Everyone is our guru if we believe so.
I was very edgy in this regard.
I heard people but didn’t listen to them.
I was irritated when given advice.
And then when I got troubled I asked “where are you Sai”
Irony ..he did come and I ignored thinking him to be the usual irritating friend maybe…or my always lecturing mother.
We all do this in our day to day lives.
People who sound rude or too easily available..are usually cut off as they seem to hurt us or irritate us.(actually hurting our ego)
But the hurt of ego turns us into a humble creature and ofcourse more closer to Sai.
So its not so bad (I am lying… it hurts soo bad😰😅)
But we can try…there is nothing bad in hearing people out ,what they have to say.
Maybe they are here to clear some of our truths or lift us up or it may be other way round ..
maybe its on you to help them this time.
When you are sure about something then mostly it is for you to tell them your truth.
Like many times I come across people believing “doing a ritual proper way” to the extent that if done by any other method it is considered wrong and me being scolded.😅
For ex.
My didi is very particular about doing the things related to God the right way.
She feels anxious if she forgets placing a thali of food before her Sai idol.
And its no surprise if she comes to my room ..and finds me not even caring to light a lamp daily ..she will definitely scold me “to ignore ” Saibaba this way.
And if its not my sister ..then anyone else would think that I am just showing off my devotion by talking about Sai all the time but not caring for the idol much.
But its ok ..
It made me furious earlier but now its like ..
its ok for them to think like that but I can’t waste my energy to prove them wrong because they are not.
I am not afraid of being called wrong anymore and I don’t feel that much pleasure when called right..which I felt earlier.(just a little bit less 🤭)
Neither I am right nor they are.. or we both are.
Eventually my truth will change too ..maybe I stop doing idol puja all at once someday if I get to see Sai in everything and everyone.
But it doesn’t mean I am not devotional.
Here is on me to tell them the truth so I tell them ..”I consider Sai everywhere not just in that idol.That is why I don’t feel like doing some ritual to feel him always.”
Maybe I will do these rituals again but today I am fine being like this.
I believe I eat he eats.
Its on them if they accept my truth and explore or maybe just reject or criticise.😊
There is no win or loose in this.
Sai made me realise this..everything we see.. we think is a relative truth..It may be truth for some ..and a lie for others..So its ok don’t hide your truth don’t force your truth.
So, everything that is happening around me got a reason for it.
And only “Baba can help me” has something inside the bracket too (in form of anyone)
Or maybe Baba wants to help someone in the form of me.
Saibaba is the only saviour but Saibaba is in everyone.(including me)
If we remember this we won’t apply the all or
none law to either of these.
Saibaba wants us to give and receive help
The road to Sai goes through “other people”.(not just people ..other beings)
Never hesitate to help someone thinking you might hurt them or they might hurt you.
So what ,we can’t stop living so why stop giving or receiving help.
Sai wants us to be open and receive and apply and experiment and realise.
Some actions will turn into mistakes ..some things will become our new truths.
Mistakes will tell you what not to do again.
Truths will tell you what to believe.
This learning can never stop.
Fantasizing a life full of happiness and wealth and happy approving people all around is good but not the truth and not necessarily beneficial to us in his eyes.
Neither is “everything is doomed and negative” a truth.
There will be darkness.. there will be light ..and this will keep on going ..whether you approve it or not.
So let us accept each phase as a blessing it tears or smiles.
Keep in mind Sai is here with us in each form of one or other person or yourself  and when he is here ..bring it on ..we are always prepared ..we may fall ..we may srew up ..we may cry ..we may make mistakes ..but we will keep rising again ..we will make ourselves happy ..we will laugh again.. we will love again.
And with each moment the faith in him will get stronger and stronger and we will keep saying ..
Here is a beautiful song Jese suraj ki garmi se..
I always find myself rewinding my past and saibaba coming into my life in my mind.. with this song.😇🥰
You may like to visit my post Who is Sai.
Do share.. what you feel like.😊
Share your feelings for Saibaba as someone might feel happy to read your words.
Sharing is a kind of HELP too.🙃
Keep smiling and sharing smiles.
Om sairam😇

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