Pray, pray and pray

Praying during Covid 19 Pandemic for everyone who is suffering

Sai baba listens to each prayer of ours.
But it is him who decides “to reply” or not..

Ofcourse, if every single prayer will be answered ,the world will turn into mayhem.
(like it’s not already🤔)
You remember watching Bruce Almighty or God tussi great ho ,you will get the point if you had.

When you think outside the box ,you pray not only for your loved ones but also for the people whom you haven’t even met or saw.

..and these kind of prayers have a magical power in them that God can’t put them “on hold” for long.

(God being like ..ohh “oneness alert” , I have to do something urgently)

God does have these folders I think “for self” “for known people” “for oneness”

Why to call it “oneness” ?

when we identify with people unrelated to us , it shows we are feeling that “connection” that scriptures phrase as “we all are one” quoted in sanskrit as…

Vasudhaiv kutumbakam….
….the world is “one family”.

Yes,I have clearly observed this…
Prayers done for myself were sometimes answered ,sometimes not ..

Prayers done for my loved ones ..were answered most of the times …

Prayers done for unknown people ..were answered always.

Maybe the reason is.. I pray a thousand things for me , a hundred for my loved ones and a handful for oneness( yah I am selfish🤭)

But mostly, what I felt is the intensity and the intention behind those prayers ,decided the manifestation.

When we pray for self ,or loved ones we have so many benefits and motives for “us” but when we pray for the people who are not related to us anyhow , we pray just because we want them to be well.

Praying because people deserve prayers ,is something that a devotee of Saibaba gets to learn eventually.

So, in this hour ..the pandemic , well you know the situation very well , people who need the basic things but are not getting enough to survive ,deserve help and prayers.

If you can help , there is nothing comparable to it.

I want to take this opportunity to pay gratitude to those who are working and providing essential services in this time of distress.

As it goes ..
The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray.

But if you can’t help for some reasons , don’t do nothing.

Pray .

Prayers are so magical and miraculous.

Even more magical when done by so many people at the same time injected with unconditional love.

Think of it like this ..there is a small dark room , it will ,maybe need a single lamp to light it up
then there is a large football stadium(you can think of a cricket stadium if you like it more),
one single light won’t be enough for that.. right..
So, if there are so many people in need, alot of people will be needed to help them,pray for them.

Just once, try not to overthink… but pray that situation gets better.

How is it gonna get better don’t need to worry about it .

Just believe He has much more power and compassion than we think he has.
He may not come here to help anyone ,when he is already here in form of us.

You can do something so important staying at home , pray and pray untill they are answered.

We can add “a prayer for all who are suffering” in our schedule.

I won’t say “you will receive so many blessings by doing this” I don’t think we should pray for others “to get something in return”.
Rest is on you.😊

Hey you can share “your experiences with Saibaba/divine” in the comment section below.

Sai blessings to all..
Keep smiling 🙂
Stay safe

Om sairam


3 thoughts on “Pray, pray and pray

  1. So true.Its hard to believe but every single time I asks anything from deva for someone unknown to me.He always..I mean Always approved it.Even I started to feel like magic resides in my sayings.but see same me asking n asking for me or my close ones …He dont even bother to listen….sometimes do opposite of what I asked for.🤣🤣He got a bloody hack of sense of humor.😘😘

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  2. We will pray as prayer is necessaryWe will pray as prayer is remedyWe will pray as prayer is hopeWe will pray as we are bound to prayWe will pray as we are obliged to prayWe will pray for whatever is there it is trying to stay and saying Andhera kayam rahe To aao Shaktiman andhera khtm kro

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